Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dominic Hasek

It is that time of year again. The weather is warm. The sun is out. The birds are singing. The thunderstorms make the weather all eery. We remember that there are a bunch of flowers that bloom that smell like the elephant house at the zoo no matter how pretty they look. And we start paying attention to the sport played on ice. Maybe we love playoff hockey because it is a good reminder of how much life kicks ass when its warm out compared to the icy premise of that sport someone used to care about. Probably not but maybe. Here is our two minutes on one of playoff hockey's top performers Dominic Hasek, goalie for the Detroit Red Wings:

2 minutes on Dominic Hasek
By HighTimeForCrime
He is still so incredible. He’s arguably the best goalie in NHL history, and at 43 he’s still doing it just about as good as anyone on any given night. I was thinking, goalies have to by far be the most flexible athletes in all of American professional sports.
I was also thinking that goalies are comparable to pitchers in baseball. They’re basically the only guy on the pitch that matters. A pitcher can pitch a perfect game or no-hitter, while a goalie can post a shutout; if they’re the best player in the game, you’re probably going to win.

2 minutes on Dominic Hasek
By DoNoUhOh

Dude is old but he’s still money. He’s still doing all that rubber band man Dominator stuff he used to do back in the Buffalo days when he was as close to perfect as you could be. He was a one man team from the goalie position. He was Pedro Martinez at his most dominant. I knew who he was and wanted to see him perform. And I’m no hockey fan. He’s still around now kicking ass as a Red Wing. The Red Wings. What a franchise. Too bad its hockey. Playoff hockey baby!

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