Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 minutes on the Worst Sports Nicknames

"Magic", "Larry Legend", "The Great One", "Reign Man", "The Freak". Those are some of the best nicknames in all of sports. These, are not:

2 minutes by TheNobleSavage
I just heard the third string TNT color commentator call Mickael Pietrus (sic?) "Air France." Why would anyone ever think that nicknaming someone after an airline known for its delays and typically French customer service (i.e. indifferent at best) was a good idea? Anyway, I nominate Gheorge "The Milkman" Muresan as the worst nickname of all time. Yes, that's made up. I just couldn't help but imagine Big Gheorge as the world's creepiest milkman.

*Response by No,Money Down*
I also heard them refer to Pietrus as "Air France", and they even threw in some comments about the airline possibly "taking off" (he sank a three). I take it he's french...why don't we just start referring to every player by his country's crappy airline...think of all the american based ones: "And delta passes it to TWA, sets the screen for US airways, and US airways dunks RIGHT OVER CONTINENTAL!!!!" let's ban this practice.

2 minutes by HighTimeForCrime
Easy. It's "The Black Mamba," Kobe Bryant. Anytime you have raped a girl, you are not allowed to make your nickname a pseudo-reference to your genitalia. While we're at it, why don't we just call Ben Roethlisberger The White Mamba and call it a post.

2 minutes by No,Money Down
Not very exciting, but I think one of the stupider nicknames in sports is AD, for Adrian Peterson. Supposedly this stands for "All Day", as in he runs all day (not anymore based on last season). But um, his initials AP are already cool and roll-off-the-tongue enough that we can refer to him with 'em, why are we tweaking them to almost the same thing? He's AP, not AD, it's just stupid.