Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Instant Replay in the World Cup?

For better or for worse, instant replay has changed the rules (or maybe the "laws") of several American-based sports. In the wake of several blown calls in the FIFA World Cup, is soccer next?

2 Minutes by DoNoUhOh: The refereeing has been conspicuously poor during this world cup. I liked when Jen Chang, SI's soccer editor, said it was FIFA's attempt to show american fans that refereeing was terrible all over the world, not just in MLS. It is obvious there needs to be some sort of replay on plays where goals are scored (or disallowed). Soccer is a little bit behind a lot of other well established sports in professionalizing to the fullest degree possible. There is still an odd attachment to the history, similar to baseball and while this history is certainly rich think about how the best in the world, the English Premiere League was only founded in 1992.

2 Minutes by No,MoneyDown: Wow, I couldn't be less in favor of instant replay at the World Cup, or for soccer in general. Want to stick another ref back there to be sure about offsides or the ball crossing the goal line? That is a great idea. What we don't need is another sport ruined by instant replay, one of the lamest things to happen to Pro Sporst in awhile. Ok, I'll admit it COULD have been done right, but nothing is worse than being in the final 15 seconds of a tight NBA game and having proceedings delayed because the refs want to look at a ball knocked out of bounds approximately 25 times. And don't get me started on NFL replay.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

NBA Finals

Two Minutes on the NBA Finals, let's see how we fare:

2 Minutes by No,MoneyDown:

This one is a really tough call, I've gone back and forth a lot b/t Celts and lakers. I went on the whole "Kobe will NOT be denied" premise (I'll try not to make anymore rape jokes). I mean he's really in that mode, you're gonna have to shoot him to keep him from winning that ring. But the Celts have a lot of guys, there's just one Kobe. It hinges on one thing: If Rondo has one more series of brilliance (and if his back can hold up) then the Celts win it, and I say he does, so that's what I'm going with, Celts in 7.

2 Minutes by HighTimeforCrime:

This should be a helluva series, and not just because it's the finals and it ought to be. Both lineups are stacked top to bottom (ok, not you Derek Fisher) and there are thirsty veterans on both sides. Garnett v. Gasol is basically a draw, and I think Ray Ray and Pierce switch off guarding Kobe and do a reasonably good job on him. My ex-factor in this series? Kendrick Perkins: big, nasty. If Andrew Bynum's knee continues to be troublesome, Perkins will take advantage of him all day and night. Celtics in 7.

2 Minutes byDoNoUhOh:

I'm gonna do this two minutes the right way. On that note, I don't like either team. But I really hate Kobe so I'm rooting for Rajon Rondo, who I have always thought was badass, and the Celtics. Man, Rajon Rondo. Crazy. Just two seasons ago announcers kept saying "if Rajon Rondo can just be serviceable he'd be good enough but he isn't" claiming he was the achilles heel of the 2008 Celtics. Look at him now and you think maybe I should look back and see what we were missing back then.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 minutes on the Worst Sports Nicknames

"Magic", "Larry Legend", "The Great One", "Reign Man", "The Freak". Those are some of the best nicknames in all of sports. These, are not:

2 minutes by TheNobleSavage
I just heard the third string TNT color commentator call Mickael Pietrus (sic?) "Air France." Why would anyone ever think that nicknaming someone after an airline known for its delays and typically French customer service (i.e. indifferent at best) was a good idea? Anyway, I nominate Gheorge "The Milkman" Muresan as the worst nickname of all time. Yes, that's made up. I just couldn't help but imagine Big Gheorge as the world's creepiest milkman.

*Response by No,Money Down*
I also heard them refer to Pietrus as "Air France", and they even threw in some comments about the airline possibly "taking off" (he sank a three). I take it he's french...why don't we just start referring to every player by his country's crappy airline...think of all the american based ones: "And delta passes it to TWA, sets the screen for US airways, and US airways dunks RIGHT OVER CONTINENTAL!!!!" let's ban this practice.

2 minutes by HighTimeForCrime
Easy. It's "The Black Mamba," Kobe Bryant. Anytime you have raped a girl, you are not allowed to make your nickname a pseudo-reference to your genitalia. While we're at it, why don't we just call Ben Roethlisberger The White Mamba and call it a post.

2 minutes by No,Money Down
Not very exciting, but I think one of the stupider nicknames in sports is AD, for Adrian Peterson. Supposedly this stands for "All Day", as in he runs all day (not anymore based on last season). But um, his initials AP are already cool and roll-off-the-tongue enough that we can refer to him with 'em, why are we tweaking them to almost the same thing? He's AP, not AD, it's just stupid.

Monday, April 26, 2010

2 Minutes on the Idea of Trading Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley is the shit, but with the emergence of Fred Davis, the Redskins are suddenly overstocked in the serviceable TE department. What to do, what to do...

2 Minutes by No,MoneyDown:
I can see the logic behind this, but here are reasons why we SHOULD NOT trade Chris Cooley:

-He's THE fan favorite, this just wouldn't be very cool.

-He's in no danger of expiring, this isn't a "Let's trade him now before he sucks/gets injured so we get good value for him" situation like with Portis. Cooley is in his prime and could easily (w/ McNabb) have has best season yet in 2010

-Are we really going to trade our most consistent offensive player because the 2nd year TE finished hot during the junk-time 2nd half of a lost season? I still say Fred Davis is unproven.

2 Minutes by TheNobleSavage
Yes, the Redskins should absolutely trade Cooley. The 'skins will undoubtedly be terrible this year, so they'll just be wasting Cooley's talents and squandering an opportunity to blood Davis if they don't trade Cooley. Moreover, they might be able to turn Cooley into real draft picks. Lord knows they could have used those this years. I'm already depressed about football season...

2 minutes by HighTimeForCrime
This has nothing to do with Fred Davis and everything to do with Chris Cooley. No, you do not trade him. The man is tough, intelligent, and clearly one of the best-liked guys among his teammates and certainly the most-liked among the fans. And shit, he's a hell of a football players, lest we forget. It was great seeing what Davis could do when Cooley went down; that's what you WANT your backups to do. But trading him for a pick, just to see management stroke their own egos by nailing it? No sir.

2 Minutes on the Jason Campbell Trade

During the 2010 NFL Draft, the Redskins sent obsolete QB Jason Campbell to the hapless Oakland Raiders for a 2012 4th Round Draft Pick (if the world doesn't explode like the Mayans predicted).

2 Minutes by No,MoneyDown: Poor Jason Campbell. Poor, poor, POOR Jason Campbell. Consider these wrinkles in the poorness of Jason Campbell...

-He's going to the only, repeat: ONLY organization in the league that is a step down from the Redskins. Don't buy the idea that anywhere is better than here for JC, because this will not be a happy ending.

-We traded for his mentor to replace him, nice.

-He's been begging us (presumably) for years to draft some Offesnive Linemen to protect him, and we finally did! Except he's not on the team anymore, we're protecting someone else. Poor, poor Jason Campbell. His career never had a chance.

2 minutes by HighTimeForCrime
People were so disappointed with Jason Campbell's play because he was a "first round" QB; but what if Old Man Gibbs just drafted him too high? What if he's really just a second or third round talent. Put in that perspective, didn't he actually do pretty well for himself? I mean, it was apparent last season that the front office wasn't trying to help him out at all. I mean, MIKE WILLIAMS as the only "upgrade" on the line? Get the fuck outta here. He'll be fine in Oakland, and I think they'll just be happy he's not Jamarcus Russell.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Minutes on the Masters

Let's pretend the Masters haven't ended yet...

2 Minutes on Tiger and the Masters by DoNoUhOh:

I really want Tiger Woods to win the Masters. I really want him to win. And then during his victory interview I want him to say "I'm Tiger Woods. I'm the best golfer the world has ever seen and I can do whatever I want." Because that is pretty much true. Because we need some good badass villains. Because being rich and famous means you don't play by the same rules no matter what everyone wants to pretend. A little honesty, a little taking advantage of reality, a little in your face challenging. I like Tiger Woods because he's a good golfer not because he's a good person. I don't really care if he's a good person. And actually I imagine that there is a huge number of men out there who would act as Tiger has acted if only they could.

2 Minutes by No,MoneyDown:

Very impressive what Tiger is doing. I expected his return to be cosi cosi, like MJ or anyone in a big, hyped “return”, good but not great (I’m talking immediate, return, first game or match back). So far he’s great. There’s so much smoke in this whole thing, whether you love him or hate him, that I’d like to touch on something new…Do you know what was maybe the most disapinting thing about Tiger’s philandering?? His taste in women. Honestly dude, what are you, 10 years old?? Me like big boobies!! Me like bottle blondes!!! And porn stars?? Trashy girls? How about some variety? Why not be banging some foxy asian girls, some foxy black mamas (um, aren’t you black and asian, Tiger?).

Friday, April 9, 2010

2 Minutes on the Donovan McNabb Trade

On Easter Sunday we were all shocked to hear that the Washington Redskins had traded for Donovan McNabb, the face of the Philadelphia Eagles for the past decade and division foe. Wow.

2 Minutes on McNabb Trade, by No,MoneyDown:

OK, first I wasn't happy about this. Excited? Sure, I get excited for just about every big (often ill-advised) trade the Redskins make. It seemed that again we were mortaging our future to try to win now. Techincally, yes that is what Snyder/Shanahan is doing yet again, but I'm amazed at how little we gave up for McNabb. In fact, that is the one thing that raises eyebrows: Why would the Eagles trade McNabb to a division rival unless they thought he was totally washed up? At least we can all count on this being an interesting season (because even if McNabb goes down, we'll be in for a season of Rex Grossman!)

2 Minutes from HighTimeforCrime:

Well he's definitely better than any qb we've had in the Dan Snyder era. Yes, his success has diminished in the past 5 years, as he's only made one pro bowl and one nfc championship game, but again, that's better than anything the Redskins have done in that time. I think this move ensures that we go ahead and draft the highest-rated OT at the #4 spot in this year's draft. McNabb's accuracy always struck me as a strength of his, both in the short-to-intermediate passing game as well as the long bombs, which is more than I can say for Jason Campbell..a qb not having strength in the short, intermediate, or deep passing game, that can't be a good thing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 minutes on Baltimore Ravens WR Derrick Mason

The Ravens just re-signed Derrick Mason to a 2 year contract. Here's a sample of ol' reliable:
-1000 yards in 8 of the 10 last years
-Yet, in 5 of those 8 years he didn't eclipse 1100 yards, and in 2 more he didn't eclipse 1200.
-Not once in his 13 year career did he catch 10 TDs.
-Drafted in the 4th round.

2 minutes by HighTimeForCrime
He's just so...unspectacular. He's nowhere near terrible. He's definitely better than good. For all I know he might be a HOFer. But what is it about him that makes him so boring? A 36-year-old going for over a thousand yards with 7 td's as the #1 receiving option? Just doesn't happen much these days. I'm not certain that he won't play into his 40's.

2 minutes by No, MoneyDown
Now here's an NFL transaction that it is really difficult to get excited about. We're' really looking at a player who personifies the under-appreciated that don't do anything but come in and do their job like they're supposed to. OK, maybe I'm selling Mason a bit short, he was pretty explosive in his prime, but now, frankly I think he's on the right team. The Ravens can muster up a little bit of offense now and then, but they won't do anything to excite you (read: Derrick Mason). The dude must be 37 or something now, right? He seems pretty gutsy, I'm unsure of his HOF credentials but I'd hate to see another deserving guy not get in just because he lacks eye-popping statistics.

2 minutes by DoNoUhOh
Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. This topic made me quote Gone With the Wind.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Nutty Career of Jake Delhomme

2 minutes by No,MoneyDown: Man oh man, now here's a guy who knew how to ride the wave! Let's see, he got the Panthers to the Superbowl (that is to say, he was somewhere between a game-manager and a star QB...granted, probably closer to star QB for that one season, but it was a defensive team) and he has steadily declined ever since. Maybe we didn't recognize how he benefitted from having a freak as his number one target, Mr. Steve Smith. All I know is, he experience a meltdown that left us wondering how this guy was ever good in the first place. He was like Kurt Warner, if Kurt Warner never got a 2nd wind and revived his career in Arizona.

2 minutes on the Panthers cutting Jake Delhomme by HighTimeforCrime
It's about fucking time. This has been an example of where sentimentality toward one player hurts the team overall. I think he had a combined 12 turnovers in the playoff loss to the Cards in '08 and opening day '09. Still, brutal for the Panthers to have to take that $12.5 million hit.

2 minutes on Jake Delhomme getting cut by DoNoUhOh:
Has a quarterback ever gone so far off of one brilliant game? Yes, he was a serviceable starting quarterback for years and that shouldn't be underrated in a league full of loser quarterbacks. But if it weren't for that Rams super bowl, which he lost by the way, would this even be news? The dude has had a largely boring career and his wide receiver was considerably better than he was. Delhomme's greatest contribution to the game was bringing into focus how overrated the "super bowl Quarterback" moniker truly is.

2 Minutes on the trade that send San Diego Chargers Cornerback Antonio Cromartie to the New York Jets for a measly 3rd round pick.

2 minutes on the Antonio Cromatrie trade by Meast
Cromartie to the Jets will have to make the Jets secondary the most feared in the AFC, maybe even the League. Him and D. Revis will scare the hell out of all opposing quarterbacks (except JC). However, this will make it that much more difficult for cromartie to stay on top of his child support. I think the last time I heard he had like 5 kids in four states, all with different moms. Wear a rubber dude, you have no idea how many STDs are carried around by each NYC girl (I reckon a baker's dozen).

2 minutes on the Antonio Cromartie trade by HighTimeForCrime
I think this is a great move for the Jets, though I hope they're not doing it with the idea that one more man could put them over the top. I suspect the biggest reason for it was because Peyton Manning smoked them in the second half of the AFC Championship game. With the kind of pressure that the Jet's d-line can put on an offense, and the disguised looks Rex Ryan gives on defense, Cromartie could turn out to be a huge asset for the Jets, much as he was the year he got 11 picks, with Merriman and the rest of the Chargers D unloading on qbs.

No, MoneyDown:
One word for this deal: Scary. Scary because Darell Revis is already scary. I watched him all year and he has that ridiculous combination of natural ability, work ethic, and steely nerves. Throw Antonio Cromartie in there and just...wow. Now, apparently Cromartie hasn't been the old Cromartie in the past couple of years. Well remember when Randy Moss got traded to New England and people were saying it wasn't the same old Randy? Yeah, how'd that turn out?? These absurdly gifted players can be fickle creatures, and I think Rex Ryan, Bart Scott and the Jets D are the perfect fit to right the Cromartie ship. Who the hell are you going to throw at in this defense??

So there are some big time football implications here, obviously. Like Mark Sanchize becoming the a super bowl QB. That would be cool, and disturbing, and make Trent Dilfer jealous. But what is really interesting to me is how draft picks and established players are valued. It is amazing to me what a team can get for a couple draft picks. The way football teams value their current players is very interesting to me. Almost everyone is expendable and the value of up and coming is incredibly high. This is probably because anyone, repeat anyone, can fall of the cliff in a single year. Ask Delhomme and LT and by LT I don't mean one of the coolest football players ever, I mean the not cool football player who stole his nickname in an effort to be cooler than he actually was resulting in his losing any potential coolness he gained from the dark visor.

Friday, February 26, 2010

2 Minutes on the 2007-2008 NBA MVP Race

In the 2007-2008 NBA Season, the one we'll all remember for the Celtics teaming up three superstars for a run at the Championship, the contest for the MVP Trophy was just as hotly contested. The top three contestants, KOBE, GARNETT, and CHRIS PAUL all had an argument for winning. Kobe won.

No, Money Down:
This was one of the hardest MVPs to decide, as far as I could tell there was no front runner by the end of the season! Between the three, I actually thought Kobe was least deserving. What did he do? He rode that "best player in basketball" title to the MVP trophy, but that is not the definition of an MVP. In the "elevates your teammates to a higher level and is a great team player" department, Kobe didn't quite measure up. He was better, ok, better about that than years past, but still sorely lacking compared to the other two would-be MVPs. KG was everything you'd want: Great defense, firey comptietior, and still a "Can score at will guy" if need be. However, should he be downgraded because he didn't mean as much to his team as CP3 did? I'll say sure why not, Cp3 was the mvp.

This was an incredibly interesting MVP year. Kobe had the stats, the name, the history, the glamour. KG had the attitude, the sheer willpower, the huge improvement to the Celtics, not to mention Bill Simmons trumpeting his cause to millions every week. And then there's CP3. I have to choose him because that's how I roll. Slightly contrary. A hater of Kobe. KG had a bunch of all stars around him on a crazily stacked team that had no resemblance to the team from the previous year. CP3 all by his lonesome made his team good, a small PG playing the role of alpha dog. Nasty and nice. It feels like that was a long time ago and it worries me that Chris Paul, the man with two first names, is doomed to be on a team that isn't good enough for him to make great.

Monday, February 22, 2010

2 minutes on the San Diego Chargers releasing LaDainian Tomlinson aka Damian Thompson aka David Thomas

On Feburary 22, the San Diego Chargers released former NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson was the No. 5 overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft, has made five Pro Bowls, holds the record for most touchdowns in a single season, and has rushed for 12,490 yards with 138 touchdowns in his career.

Never in professional sports is releasing a player so cold-blooded as it is in the NFL. This is LaDainian-freakin'-Tomlinson we're talking about. Unfortunately, football fans have such a short-term memory, that it really doesn't matter what he did two years ago, or even last week for that matter. Only what he can do tomorrow. And the reality is that his ability has steadily declined. Problem is that he has refused to acknowledge it and even as recent as the beginning of last season, proclaimed himself the best back in all of football.

I think we all ended up disliking what has to be considered either the new LT or the real LT, real because he finally came out of his shell. This was the LT who was past his prime and sulked on the sidelines for two years because Darren Sproles was just the guy who ought to be on the field. We disliked LT for the same reason we disliked Hillary Clinton: a sense of entitlement: "Well I've paid my dues and I ought to get what is coming to me, I earned it!". He really came out as a seemingly selfish kind of guy, isn't that shocking? He was the posterboy of the NFL for being a team player and an overall nice guy, talk about a turn around. Throw in that Americans love a winner and LT could never get over the hump and suddenly you have a guy that no one really is bothered about having been let go.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Minutes on Landon Donovan aka Landinho

Landon Donovan is an extremely frustrating player to root for. You can just sense his natural talent is just on the verge of bubbling over, and there are what sports fans and commentators like to call “moments of brilliance”, but ultimately, he just does not have the confidence to get over the hump. I see now why we call him a pussy. Like Kobe or MJ, he struggles between the “get your teammates involved” method and “take over a game when you have to” method. Unlike MJ or Kobe, he never figured out how to find the middle ground between the two. He always seems to pass the ball off when he should go for it himself, you can practically see a thought bubble over his head with the words “I gotta be a team player, cause it’s not cool to be a ball hog.”

Seeing that photo of Landinho breaking Ashley Cole's ankle and jeopardizing Cole's World Cup changed everything. All of a sudden Landon wasn't a huge gaping pussy, afraid of Europe and the rigor of top competition. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll extend his stay. I think he'll return to the comfort of MLS and the fair weather of SoCal. And then I'll hate him again. But until then he is making me proud. See even I, full of irrational and random hatred for so many worthy athletes, am at least temporarily converted by Landinho the great American hope other than Charlie Davies and Tim Howard who remain infinitely more badass than Landon Donovan ever will be.

You ever not like someone just cuz of how they look? Well that's me with Landon Donovan.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Minutes on Antawn Jamison

Long-time Wizard Antawn Jamison was recently sent to Cleveland in a Trade.

I will never forgive Gil for this, seriously. Because of him the Wiz lost Brenda and Caron, two great guys (Brenda because he actually tore dreads free from Etan's oh-so-smug scalp and Caron because he's awesome and the inspiration for this very blog) and now we've sent Jamison to the Cavs, our only true locker room leader. Not only that but we just gifted LeBron a championship...kill me.

OK, it's a bit late but NOW I'm really getting the whole "end of an era" feel with this latest Wizards trade. I definitely identified Jamison with the Wiz more than any other player. Gil was way too streaky. Speaking of Gil, I don't like him. I cannot stand behind him in this instance at all. He just plain screwed up and he's an idiot. There have been far too many "Just when I thought DC Sports could not get any worse..." moments in the past year. It's terrific how fickle we sports fans are, a beloved player and city's favorite son going to a rival suddenly renders him a despicable person that we should all loathe.

What is there to say? He was the heart of our team, the only guy in pro sports I've ever heard of teams saying "yea, we should trade him for less than he's worth because we want to see him win a championship." Well that's the kind of guy Antawn was...and that's also the kind of shitty situation he was in. That being said, I hope Lebron suffers a career-ending injury because I don't want the Queen to win a championship.

Our glue guy. Gone. I'm happy for Jamison to be honest. I'm glad he got out. I'm glad he still has time to win. He deserves it. Always classy, always impressively good, never given enough credit for being such a unique player. But he's going to the Cavs. Why the Cavs?! Of all the teams he has to go somewhere where I can't root for him. It hurts. That hurts. I'm going to miss these Wizards, zany and underachieving but always interesting and exciting. Yeah they were depressing this year, and last year, but I bonded with them. They were my Wizards. And now I don't even know who James Singleton is. I'm not sure how to feel right now.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Seven Player Trade Between the Wizards and the Mavericks

On February 13 the Washington Wizards and Dallas Mavericks completed the first trade of the trade deadline season. The Mavs got Brendan Todd Haywood, Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson. The Wizards got Drew Gooden, Josh Howard, Quinton Ross and James Singleton. These two teams are in very different places with the Mavs trying to push themselves over the top to compete in the West and the Wiz trying to start a painful rebuilding process.

2 minutes on the 7-player Wizards-Mavericks deal by HighTimeForCrime

That's it. The end of an era. Ironically, my first post in over a year comes the day after this blog's namesake is traded from the team. I wish him well. He wasted 3 years of his prime on a team that could never take it to the next level. If we were looking for salary cap space, we've got it. We're thinking about the future now, but it just hurts because we have officially moved on. Trying time to be a bullets fan, but it's always about the journey anyway.

2 Minutes on the wizards trade by Money Down:

I was not even aware of this trade and looking it up, it seems very convoluted and it is difficult for me to make a sound judgement on it. If it is based towards rebuilding then it's good. The Wizards seem kinda fucked. Although I don't understand trading Caron, he is our best player, if it's not Jamison. I'm going to have to see what the others say. Haywood never really lived up to his potential, he started to but I'm not sure if he sustained that, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't. Did we shop Gilbert? Can you trade a player that is currently suspended? I'm sure someone would want him (nice, shootin' Tex).

2 minutes by DoNoUhOh:

The end of an era. A glorious era by the dissappointing standards of the Washingtong Wizards in my lifetime. Our star is suspended indefinitely for breaking gun laws and simultaneously killing our ability to rebuild. Our rock, and the namesake of this blog, is now in another uniform. I'm happy for him. I think he will do well on the Mavs and I'm glad he has a chance to win. I think this will push his game to a new level. I'm happy for my boy Brendan Todd as well. I actually think he is the key to the trade. He can guard big men and randomly score. And he can rebound and block. He's an asset. A, dare I say, underrated asset. Thank you Etan Thomas and your pulled out dreadlocks for making Brendan Todd a man, a man who will end up crushing the Lakers come playoff time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Minutes is Back! Vince Carter.

2 Minutes Is Back!! Topic for 2/14/10, Happy Valentine's Day Everyone:

Vince Carter just dropped 48 I saw in a game. What do we make of him? Like him? Will he actually be a factor when it counts down the road? Or will he disappear like he always does?

-Money Down: VC is the quintessentially bad athlete of this era (tho Wilt Chamberlain wasn't much differnet way back in the day) it's all about me me me and then he craps out when it really counts. I think some athletes can be like that AND still win and also be good teammates. It's tough to do all of that, but Vince Carter doesn't seem like a great teammate. That being said, he might be one of these (like Randy Moss) who will actually be a tremendous asset once he's on a great team, so I can see him helping out the magic in the playoffs. Really, I strongly dislike the Celtics and the Cavs even more, so if it comes down to those top three in the East, I pull for VC and the Magic all the way.

Two minutes on Vince Carter from DoNoUhOh:

Vince Carter is a bitch and always has been. His recent outburst for Orlando is just another example of the reason why the concept of Vinsanity is insanity. It is merely a microcosm of everything there is to hate about Vince Carter. Talented, excited, athletactular? Absolutely. But he disappears frequently, at will, just as he has for the beginning of the season. This is the man who signed a max contract with Toronto after running Tracy McGrady out of town and then proceeded to quit on the team and the city. It is one thing to not have the killer instinct to be the franchise. I'm cool with that. But if you sign a max contract you god damn better go down swinging. It is reprehensible to simply quit on your teammates and your city, especially when the city is so fucking cold.