Sunday, June 8, 2008

Recap of Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals

2 minutes on a recap of Game 1 of the 2008 NBA finals
You wait over a month and a half for this series to come. The best vs. the best. But then you realize when it's all over, you only have baseball, golf, and tennis for the summer. And then it makes you sad.

By HighTimeForCrime

at the end of the game, when the minutes were counting down, we all saw who stepped one. seriously, it's like both team was trying to give it away. and you could see that the lakers were resting kobe so he could bust out that superhero shit that he does from time to time.

well not this time. and the teams weren't just missing. they were CLANKING off the rim, many with no offensive players around to get the rebound. I expect the last few minutes of game 2 to be more intense than what we saw at the end of game 1.

By DoNoUhOh

For most of the game I was convinced the fourth quarter would be Kobe’s. That he would do what he is completely capable of doing, especially when he hasn’t been scoring big in the first three quarters. Instead Paul Pierce got hurt. And came back. Those must have been some good drugs they shot into that knee. Or else he went down just to inspire upon his return. Whatever it was it was amazing. Paul Pierce stepped up his game, creating the possibility that it is he and not Kevin Garnett who is the true Celtic, the true champion in hiding. Maybe it will be different when the series goes back to LA but I am beginning to doubt whether Boston will lose at home. By the way can we all agree that Rondo should be getting more minutes, House should be the backup and Sam Cassell should just take over coaching duties from Doc?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2008 NBA Finals

I know we been mostly silent since the untimely demise of our boys for life the Washington Bullets. We was mourning. What can I tell you? True fans we are. True believers. But we have been watching, rooting against Queen James with as much passion as we could muster for such a pathetic pansy, rooting for the man the myth the legend Chris Paul and his alley oop, three pointer or bust offense. Alas the season is coming to a close and before it wanders off into history and memory we just had to take a literal couple minutes to chime in on this blast from the past finals matchup.

2 minutes
by HighTimeForCrime
It's the kobe show. He's 29, coming off his first MVP season, and finally has the chance to make a name for himself outside of the Lakers 2001-2003 championships.

I want to give the Celtics some credit, I really do. They've made it to the finals. However rough the ride may have been, they're here. I just don't think they can do it. Lakers in 6. the only x factor for the Celtics is Paul Pierce.

2 minutes on 2008 NBA Finals
by DoNoUhOh

I gotta say it’s a classic matchup. Not my two teams of choice but what can ya do. I was rootin against Kobe but now I’m glad that the doldrums known as the Spurs won’t be here. I hope it goes seven and I hope its exciting. I hope Kobe misses at the buzzer to end the series. I hope KG finally steps up and becomes the man we all want him to be. I hope Rajon Rondo, my main little man, the only Kentucky player I may end up loving turns into the killer I think he can be. I hope a lot of things though and that doesn’t make them come true. Lakers in six. These Celts just don’t have that championship specialness. And I want the winners of a championship to be true champions if you get what I’m saying and maybe you don’t.

Guess Who's Back

Guess who's back
back again
Drink Your Tough Juice is Back
maybe you been wonderin where we been

We been busy baby girls and big daddies
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But now we back
not quite legit, not quite all growed up
not quite sure what the fuck is goin on
so give us your time, give us your money, give us your fame
Drink Your Tough Juice is Back