Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2008 NBA Finals

I know we been mostly silent since the untimely demise of our boys for life the Washington Bullets. We was mourning. What can I tell you? True fans we are. True believers. But we have been watching, rooting against Queen James with as much passion as we could muster for such a pathetic pansy, rooting for the man the myth the legend Chris Paul and his alley oop, three pointer or bust offense. Alas the season is coming to a close and before it wanders off into history and memory we just had to take a literal couple minutes to chime in on this blast from the past finals matchup.

2 minutes
by HighTimeForCrime
It's the kobe show. He's 29, coming off his first MVP season, and finally has the chance to make a name for himself outside of the Lakers 2001-2003 championships.

I want to give the Celtics some credit, I really do. They've made it to the finals. However rough the ride may have been, they're here. I just don't think they can do it. Lakers in 6. the only x factor for the Celtics is Paul Pierce.

2 minutes on 2008 NBA Finals
by DoNoUhOh

I gotta say it’s a classic matchup. Not my two teams of choice but what can ya do. I was rootin against Kobe but now I’m glad that the doldrums known as the Spurs won’t be here. I hope it goes seven and I hope its exciting. I hope Kobe misses at the buzzer to end the series. I hope KG finally steps up and becomes the man we all want him to be. I hope Rajon Rondo, my main little man, the only Kentucky player I may end up loving turns into the killer I think he can be. I hope a lot of things though and that doesn’t make them come true. Lakers in six. These Celts just don’t have that championship specialness. And I want the winners of a championship to be true champions if you get what I’m saying and maybe you don’t.

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