Friday, September 11, 2009

Bringing back the original Tough juice Format...

Ok maybe this blog should be more than a forum for me to bash Jason Campbell. So, let's go back to the pick a topic and give your 2 cents on it for 2 minutes formula.

I'll get it started i guess with last night's kickoff game between the steelers and Titans, ready GO!

Ok, i happen to believe that Big Ben is the best QB in the game right now. Maybe best is the wrong woord, but i worry about Tom Brady getting injured and peyton is more dedication than sheer talent. He buys time better than anymone obviously, and i don't think Big Ben gets enough credit for his accuracy, which is in my mind the best in the leaugue (again, after Brady).

And Kerry Collins can still do it apparently. I doubted him but if they can put up that fight against the Steelers, they can have similar success to last year. unfortunately, he's old, and sometimes old qbs run into trouble in the playoffs, a la last year, I wouldn't expect different this year, when he is yet another nfl season older.

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