Saturday, June 5, 2010

NBA Finals

Two Minutes on the NBA Finals, let's see how we fare:

2 Minutes by No,MoneyDown:

This one is a really tough call, I've gone back and forth a lot b/t Celts and lakers. I went on the whole "Kobe will NOT be denied" premise (I'll try not to make anymore rape jokes). I mean he's really in that mode, you're gonna have to shoot him to keep him from winning that ring. But the Celts have a lot of guys, there's just one Kobe. It hinges on one thing: If Rondo has one more series of brilliance (and if his back can hold up) then the Celts win it, and I say he does, so that's what I'm going with, Celts in 7.

2 Minutes by HighTimeforCrime:

This should be a helluva series, and not just because it's the finals and it ought to be. Both lineups are stacked top to bottom (ok, not you Derek Fisher) and there are thirsty veterans on both sides. Garnett v. Gasol is basically a draw, and I think Ray Ray and Pierce switch off guarding Kobe and do a reasonably good job on him. My ex-factor in this series? Kendrick Perkins: big, nasty. If Andrew Bynum's knee continues to be troublesome, Perkins will take advantage of him all day and night. Celtics in 7.

2 Minutes byDoNoUhOh:

I'm gonna do this two minutes the right way. On that note, I don't like either team. But I really hate Kobe so I'm rooting for Rajon Rondo, who I have always thought was badass, and the Celtics. Man, Rajon Rondo. Crazy. Just two seasons ago announcers kept saying "if Rajon Rondo can just be serviceable he'd be good enough but he isn't" claiming he was the achilles heel of the 2008 Celtics. Look at him now and you think maybe I should look back and see what we were missing back then.

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