Friday, March 5, 2010

The Nutty Career of Jake Delhomme

2 minutes by No,MoneyDown: Man oh man, now here's a guy who knew how to ride the wave! Let's see, he got the Panthers to the Superbowl (that is to say, he was somewhere between a game-manager and a star QB...granted, probably closer to star QB for that one season, but it was a defensive team) and he has steadily declined ever since. Maybe we didn't recognize how he benefitted from having a freak as his number one target, Mr. Steve Smith. All I know is, he experience a meltdown that left us wondering how this guy was ever good in the first place. He was like Kurt Warner, if Kurt Warner never got a 2nd wind and revived his career in Arizona.

2 minutes on the Panthers cutting Jake Delhomme by HighTimeforCrime
It's about fucking time. This has been an example of where sentimentality toward one player hurts the team overall. I think he had a combined 12 turnovers in the playoff loss to the Cards in '08 and opening day '09. Still, brutal for the Panthers to have to take that $12.5 million hit.

2 minutes on Jake Delhomme getting cut by DoNoUhOh:
Has a quarterback ever gone so far off of one brilliant game? Yes, he was a serviceable starting quarterback for years and that shouldn't be underrated in a league full of loser quarterbacks. But if it weren't for that Rams super bowl, which he lost by the way, would this even be news? The dude has had a largely boring career and his wide receiver was considerably better than he was. Delhomme's greatest contribution to the game was bringing into focus how overrated the "super bowl Quarterback" moniker truly is.

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