Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 minutes on Baltimore Ravens WR Derrick Mason

The Ravens just re-signed Derrick Mason to a 2 year contract. Here's a sample of ol' reliable:
-1000 yards in 8 of the 10 last years
-Yet, in 5 of those 8 years he didn't eclipse 1100 yards, and in 2 more he didn't eclipse 1200.
-Not once in his 13 year career did he catch 10 TDs.
-Drafted in the 4th round.

2 minutes by HighTimeForCrime
He's just so...unspectacular. He's nowhere near terrible. He's definitely better than good. For all I know he might be a HOFer. But what is it about him that makes him so boring? A 36-year-old going for over a thousand yards with 7 td's as the #1 receiving option? Just doesn't happen much these days. I'm not certain that he won't play into his 40's.

2 minutes by No, MoneyDown
Now here's an NFL transaction that it is really difficult to get excited about. We're' really looking at a player who personifies the under-appreciated that don't do anything but come in and do their job like they're supposed to. OK, maybe I'm selling Mason a bit short, he was pretty explosive in his prime, but now, frankly I think he's on the right team. The Ravens can muster up a little bit of offense now and then, but they won't do anything to excite you (read: Derrick Mason). The dude must be 37 or something now, right? He seems pretty gutsy, I'm unsure of his HOF credentials but I'd hate to see another deserving guy not get in just because he lacks eye-popping statistics.

2 minutes by DoNoUhOh
Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. This topic made me quote Gone With the Wind.

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