Friday, April 9, 2010

2 Minutes on the Donovan McNabb Trade

On Easter Sunday we were all shocked to hear that the Washington Redskins had traded for Donovan McNabb, the face of the Philadelphia Eagles for the past decade and division foe. Wow.

2 Minutes on McNabb Trade, by No,MoneyDown:

OK, first I wasn't happy about this. Excited? Sure, I get excited for just about every big (often ill-advised) trade the Redskins make. It seemed that again we were mortaging our future to try to win now. Techincally, yes that is what Snyder/Shanahan is doing yet again, but I'm amazed at how little we gave up for McNabb. In fact, that is the one thing that raises eyebrows: Why would the Eagles trade McNabb to a division rival unless they thought he was totally washed up? At least we can all count on this being an interesting season (because even if McNabb goes down, we'll be in for a season of Rex Grossman!)

2 Minutes from HighTimeforCrime:

Well he's definitely better than any qb we've had in the Dan Snyder era. Yes, his success has diminished in the past 5 years, as he's only made one pro bowl and one nfc championship game, but again, that's better than anything the Redskins have done in that time. I think this move ensures that we go ahead and draft the highest-rated OT at the #4 spot in this year's draft. McNabb's accuracy always struck me as a strength of his, both in the short-to-intermediate passing game as well as the long bombs, which is more than I can say for Jason Campbell..a qb not having strength in the short, intermediate, or deep passing game, that can't be a good thing.

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