Monday, April 26, 2010

2 Minutes on the Idea of Trading Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley is the shit, but with the emergence of Fred Davis, the Redskins are suddenly overstocked in the serviceable TE department. What to do, what to do...

2 Minutes by No,MoneyDown:
I can see the logic behind this, but here are reasons why we SHOULD NOT trade Chris Cooley:

-He's THE fan favorite, this just wouldn't be very cool.

-He's in no danger of expiring, this isn't a "Let's trade him now before he sucks/gets injured so we get good value for him" situation like with Portis. Cooley is in his prime and could easily (w/ McNabb) have has best season yet in 2010

-Are we really going to trade our most consistent offensive player because the 2nd year TE finished hot during the junk-time 2nd half of a lost season? I still say Fred Davis is unproven.

2 Minutes by TheNobleSavage
Yes, the Redskins should absolutely trade Cooley. The 'skins will undoubtedly be terrible this year, so they'll just be wasting Cooley's talents and squandering an opportunity to blood Davis if they don't trade Cooley. Moreover, they might be able to turn Cooley into real draft picks. Lord knows they could have used those this years. I'm already depressed about football season...

2 minutes by HighTimeForCrime
This has nothing to do with Fred Davis and everything to do with Chris Cooley. No, you do not trade him. The man is tough, intelligent, and clearly one of the best-liked guys among his teammates and certainly the most-liked among the fans. And shit, he's a hell of a football players, lest we forget. It was great seeing what Davis could do when Cooley went down; that's what you WANT your backups to do. But trading him for a pick, just to see management stroke their own egos by nailing it? No sir.

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No, Money Down said...

That's true. Fans will never be happy with backups. If they suck then it's a losing situation, and if they perform well, like Fred Davis, suddenly people ask "Wait, why is he a backup??".