Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Minutes on the Masters

Let's pretend the Masters haven't ended yet...

2 Minutes on Tiger and the Masters by DoNoUhOh:

I really want Tiger Woods to win the Masters. I really want him to win. And then during his victory interview I want him to say "I'm Tiger Woods. I'm the best golfer the world has ever seen and I can do whatever I want." Because that is pretty much true. Because we need some good badass villains. Because being rich and famous means you don't play by the same rules no matter what everyone wants to pretend. A little honesty, a little taking advantage of reality, a little in your face challenging. I like Tiger Woods because he's a good golfer not because he's a good person. I don't really care if he's a good person. And actually I imagine that there is a huge number of men out there who would act as Tiger has acted if only they could.

2 Minutes by No,MoneyDown:

Very impressive what Tiger is doing. I expected his return to be cosi cosi, like MJ or anyone in a big, hyped “return”, good but not great (I’m talking immediate, return, first game or match back). So far he’s great. There’s so much smoke in this whole thing, whether you love him or hate him, that I’d like to touch on something new…Do you know what was maybe the most disapinting thing about Tiger’s philandering?? His taste in women. Honestly dude, what are you, 10 years old?? Me like big boobies!! Me like bottle blondes!!! And porn stars?? Trashy girls? How about some variety? Why not be banging some foxy asian girls, some foxy black mamas (um, aren’t you black and asian, Tiger?).

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