Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Minutes is Back! Vince Carter.

2 Minutes Is Back!! Topic for 2/14/10, Happy Valentine's Day Everyone:

Vince Carter just dropped 48 I saw in a game. What do we make of him? Like him? Will he actually be a factor when it counts down the road? Or will he disappear like he always does?

-Money Down: VC is the quintessentially bad athlete of this era (tho Wilt Chamberlain wasn't much differnet way back in the day) it's all about me me me and then he craps out when it really counts. I think some athletes can be like that AND still win and also be good teammates. It's tough to do all of that, but Vince Carter doesn't seem like a great teammate. That being said, he might be one of these (like Randy Moss) who will actually be a tremendous asset once he's on a great team, so I can see him helping out the magic in the playoffs. Really, I strongly dislike the Celtics and the Cavs even more, so if it comes down to those top three in the East, I pull for VC and the Magic all the way.

Two minutes on Vince Carter from DoNoUhOh:

Vince Carter is a bitch and always has been. His recent outburst for Orlando is just another example of the reason why the concept of Vinsanity is insanity. It is merely a microcosm of everything there is to hate about Vince Carter. Talented, excited, athletactular? Absolutely. But he disappears frequently, at will, just as he has for the beginning of the season. This is the man who signed a max contract with Toronto after running Tracy McGrady out of town and then proceeded to quit on the team and the city. It is one thing to not have the killer instinct to be the franchise. I'm cool with that. But if you sign a max contract you god damn better go down swinging. It is reprehensible to simply quit on your teammates and your city, especially when the city is so fucking cold.

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