Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Minutes on Landon Donovan aka Landinho

Landon Donovan is an extremely frustrating player to root for. You can just sense his natural talent is just on the verge of bubbling over, and there are what sports fans and commentators like to call “moments of brilliance”, but ultimately, he just does not have the confidence to get over the hump. I see now why we call him a pussy. Like Kobe or MJ, he struggles between the “get your teammates involved” method and “take over a game when you have to” method. Unlike MJ or Kobe, he never figured out how to find the middle ground between the two. He always seems to pass the ball off when he should go for it himself, you can practically see a thought bubble over his head with the words “I gotta be a team player, cause it’s not cool to be a ball hog.”

Seeing that photo of Landinho breaking Ashley Cole's ankle and jeopardizing Cole's World Cup changed everything. All of a sudden Landon wasn't a huge gaping pussy, afraid of Europe and the rigor of top competition. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll extend his stay. I think he'll return to the comfort of MLS and the fair weather of SoCal. And then I'll hate him again. But until then he is making me proud. See even I, full of irrational and random hatred for so many worthy athletes, am at least temporarily converted by Landinho the great American hope other than Charlie Davies and Tim Howard who remain infinitely more badass than Landon Donovan ever will be.

You ever not like someone just cuz of how they look? Well that's me with Landon Donovan.

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