Monday, February 22, 2010

2 minutes on the San Diego Chargers releasing LaDainian Tomlinson aka Damian Thompson aka David Thomas

On Feburary 22, the San Diego Chargers released former NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson was the No. 5 overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft, has made five Pro Bowls, holds the record for most touchdowns in a single season, and has rushed for 12,490 yards with 138 touchdowns in his career.

Never in professional sports is releasing a player so cold-blooded as it is in the NFL. This is LaDainian-freakin'-Tomlinson we're talking about. Unfortunately, football fans have such a short-term memory, that it really doesn't matter what he did two years ago, or even last week for that matter. Only what he can do tomorrow. And the reality is that his ability has steadily declined. Problem is that he has refused to acknowledge it and even as recent as the beginning of last season, proclaimed himself the best back in all of football.

I think we all ended up disliking what has to be considered either the new LT or the real LT, real because he finally came out of his shell. This was the LT who was past his prime and sulked on the sidelines for two years because Darren Sproles was just the guy who ought to be on the field. We disliked LT for the same reason we disliked Hillary Clinton: a sense of entitlement: "Well I've paid my dues and I ought to get what is coming to me, I earned it!". He really came out as a seemingly selfish kind of guy, isn't that shocking? He was the posterboy of the NFL for being a team player and an overall nice guy, talk about a turn around. Throw in that Americans love a winner and LT could never get over the hump and suddenly you have a guy that no one really is bothered about having been let go.

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No, Money Down said...

Frankly I was never a big fan of his...I don't know why...he just wasn't electrifying at all to me.