Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Minutes on Antawn Jamison

Long-time Wizard Antawn Jamison was recently sent to Cleveland in a Trade.

I will never forgive Gil for this, seriously. Because of him the Wiz lost Brenda and Caron, two great guys (Brenda because he actually tore dreads free from Etan's oh-so-smug scalp and Caron because he's awesome and the inspiration for this very blog) and now we've sent Jamison to the Cavs, our only true locker room leader. Not only that but we just gifted LeBron a championship...kill me.

OK, it's a bit late but NOW I'm really getting the whole "end of an era" feel with this latest Wizards trade. I definitely identified Jamison with the Wiz more than any other player. Gil was way too streaky. Speaking of Gil, I don't like him. I cannot stand behind him in this instance at all. He just plain screwed up and he's an idiot. There have been far too many "Just when I thought DC Sports could not get any worse..." moments in the past year. It's terrific how fickle we sports fans are, a beloved player and city's favorite son going to a rival suddenly renders him a despicable person that we should all loathe.

What is there to say? He was the heart of our team, the only guy in pro sports I've ever heard of teams saying "yea, we should trade him for less than he's worth because we want to see him win a championship." Well that's the kind of guy Antawn was...and that's also the kind of shitty situation he was in. That being said, I hope Lebron suffers a career-ending injury because I don't want the Queen to win a championship.

Our glue guy. Gone. I'm happy for Jamison to be honest. I'm glad he got out. I'm glad he still has time to win. He deserves it. Always classy, always impressively good, never given enough credit for being such a unique player. But he's going to the Cavs. Why the Cavs?! Of all the teams he has to go somewhere where I can't root for him. It hurts. That hurts. I'm going to miss these Wizards, zany and underachieving but always interesting and exciting. Yeah they were depressing this year, and last year, but I bonded with them. They were my Wizards. And now I don't even know who James Singleton is. I'm not sure how to feel right now.

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