Monday, March 24, 2008

David Carr

Here's our two minutes on the much esteemed National Football League Quarterback David Carr (We can't call him an All-Pro or a Pro Bowler or really anything at all because, well, he's not any of those things):

2 minutes on David Carr
By HighTimeForCrime
David Carr. What a dude. Apparently this Fresno State product and California native’s laid back approach, calling people “bra’” (some people not in-the-know just object to being called women’s undergarments) and brushing cares off.
Can he really be affording to brush things off? He’s terrible. He’s gotten sacke d amillion times. No psyche.

By DoNoUhOh

David Carr is pretty terrible. It used to be that we thought it was because he got sacked 76 times his rookie season. Maybe that is still the problem. Getting hit that many times changes a man. But even with good protection he is terrible. Matt Schaub showed exactly how bad Carr is by turning the Texans into playoff contenders. Of course Schaub ended up hurt and Rosenfels got roughed up too so maybe it is the pass protection that is the problem. Maybe Schaub will never be what he was this year. Maybe he is the new David Carr.

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