Friday, March 28, 2008

Etan Thomas

A two minute ode to Brendan Todd Haywood's best friend on the Wizards, an award winning poet, an award winning player, and one hell of a good on air time filler EEEEEEEEEETAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN THOOOOOOOOMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's the only introduction he's getting like that this year):

He’s a poet. That’s what every announcer will tell you as he’s knocking people around on the inside. He’s a poet. He’s a published poet. He cares about the world and even interacts with it. And now he’s an open heart surgery survivor and possible come backer. Now he’s a health miracle and a poet. And this will be mentioned forever. He’s also got dreadlocks. And he’s black. And he looks like a poet and a miracle, the mystic to make us feel better. This is not mentioned so much but sometimes it is. But none of this lets me get around the fact that he’s a mediocre player with an awful contract.

2 minutes on Etan Thomas
After having all of his dreads ripped out in practice by Brendan Haywood (the REAL reason for his lengthy absence this year), Etan has taken time off to do the things he’s always wanted.

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