Sunday, March 30, 2008

Memphis-Texas First Half

Yet another day without a collaborative two minutes of awesomeness. I'm getting lonely. No worries, we'll be back in normal two minute action tomorrow or Tuesday...or maybe sooner, you never know.

Onward and upward, I will still stay true to limited length of posts:

First of all Memphis looks nasty. They look athletic, long, fast and powerful. Their offense looks fluid and dangerous and their defense has been suffocating. Texas came back at the end of the first half and I wouldn't rule out a close game but I also would not be shocked if a blowout occurred. Its always hard to tell when a team is getting dominated like Texas but makes a late spurt to close the gap. Was that all they had or was that them calming down and figuring out Memphis.

One of the major problems seems to be DJ Augustin's inability to not shoot when he drives. He and Abrams have been missing shots right and left primarily because every shot is contested. Augustin looks quick but his quickness is not taking him anywhere. Derrick Rose is, of course, a formidable opponent but this game may hurt Augustin's draft stock simply because he looks over matched and ineffective. And finally Rick Barnes is a terrible coach, still. He has a lot of talent on his team but they look unprepared and unable to respond to the onslaught from Memphis. Has Barnes ever heard of calling timeout? Why does Texas look surprised when Memphis continually beats them up and down the court? Did they not know they could run?

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