Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Opening Day!

Just got back from Opening Day at the brand new Nationals Park. First of all let me say that Ryan Zimmerman is the man. Thank god for that walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth. It was a bit chilly for extra innings even though the game moved at a good pace. Also I think missing the end of the game was a great punishment for all those fans who left in the 6th and 7th inning of a 2-1 ballgame that was only two hours old. Yeah it was kinda cold but it's opening day at a brand new stadium. You bitches got what you deserved. Although I bet you guys didn't even care you missed it because you aren't even fans. I don't like baseball that much but damn I was kinda embarrassed for the city. I thought maybe the new stadium would energize people and it would be a true home field advantage that doesn't exist in a lot of places anymore. Guess not.

I also can't believe that the fans who did stay started booing when Paul Lo Duca blew the game in the top of the ninth by allowing a passed ball. Booing on opening day? Really? Booing a team that's only been here for three years and who we fought to get? Really? Booing a team that we knew sucked? Booing an honest mistake that wasn't do to a lack of effort? That's fucked up. You can't be turning on your team like that in a time of need. I'm all for booing for a good reason. I'm all for booing the home team when it reaches the point where its okay to hate the home team like what happened with the Orioles and Peter Angelos or what George Shinn did in Charlotte with the Hornets. But we are nowhere near that point yet. So I'll give the fans an D but only because I was there and my sister was there and we weren't being bitches. The stadium looks good, the concessions were way too slow, transportation was easier than advertised and getting out was surprisingly easy (probably thanks to the 10-15 thousand people who left early, at least you were good for something).

I'm a little bitter about the fans but the truth is the game was awesome. It was exciting, interesting, quick and we won. I'm happy I went. I'll even say it was worth missing Stephen Curry challenge Kansas all by his lonesome.

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