Sunday, March 23, 2008

Free Tetris

Our two minutes on Free Tetris:

Free Tetris is the greatest of all old school online arcade games. It brings the Gameboy, every small boy's dream come true, back into our lives. Remember the glory of the Gameboy? You could play video games anywhere. How awesome was that?

[dictated] Free Tetris fuck that wannabe bitch Free Tetris. I fucking hate that cat. He's all trying to say to you motherfuckas that he's spittin game. But he can't do fucking shit in a bar fight with me and my crew. I heard tht bitch go tittyfucked on the roof of the quarterback's car. Slut turned around and took it up the ass , given away bricks for free. Fuck that bitch free tetris.

Free tetris is a throwback to the old days. Where gameboy would be as much fun as the battery would last. Tetris was the most classic game of them all. The music was phat. The pieces, they would haunt your dreams. You’d spend hours thinking about the 4-squared combinations and how they fit in.
The game is just as challenging as ever. I Salute you tetris.

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