Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stephen Curry, Zak and Prophecies

Stephen Curry has officially become the sweetheart of this year's NCAA tournament . Not since Wally Szcerbiak gave us Wally World back in '99 have we seen something like this. He has scored 103 points in three games. He is easily the best player on his team. He scores nearly 50% of their points. Every team Davidson plays against focuses their entire defensive scheme on stopping him. Yet he continues to dominate. He has dominated all the way to the Elite 8, on the doorstep of joining George Mason as modern day Cinderellas.

Everyone loves him. Including our esteemed writer Zak who said all this a year ago when the pundits were still pronouncing poor old Stephen's name incorrectly. I think Zak pretty much said it all already. No need to update it.
Look for Davidson, 17-1 in conference play this season, to return to the NCAA tourney next year and make some noise, as they’re only losing 2 seniors (who contributed a combined total of 0.5 ppg and 0.5 rbg), and look for Curry to again come up big

Uncanny is all I can really say.

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