Friday, October 17, 2008

2 Minutes: Roy Williams Trade

When I first heard about this, as a Redskins fan I was worried.  Then it sort of sunk in that it was really not neccesarily the smartest thing to do for Jerry Jones.  This trade has the potential to be good, but also to blow the **** up in his face.  He did give up quite a bit.  Not to mention the confusion of having two Roy Williams on the same team, that's crazy.  I still get a little bit confused with Marcus Washington on the Skins who has the same name as the city he plays for.  But in conclusion, one thing keeps me happy even if this trade does work out well: the Redskins are no longer the wacky circus act of the NFL making non-sensical trades just for the headlines.  That "honor" belongs to the Cowboys now.  We'll stick to old fashion building by the draft thank you very much. (Although the Skins couldn't draft a good WR if their lives depended on it...) that's 3 minutes

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