Thursday, October 23, 2008

Roy Williams and Sarah Palin

I just realized that Roy Williams is the Sarah Palin of the Dallas Cowboys.  It's the exact same scenario:  A sinking ship (Dallas Cowboys/GOP) is losing ground to a hip, cool up-and-coming rival (Washington Redskins, or the whole NFL or NFC East anyway/Barack Obama) and things are generally looking disastrous.  So, in a panicky all-or-nothing move, each of them go after a partner that nobody expected (Roy Williams/Sarah Palin) to shake things up and distract everybody from the bad.  The media and fans were initially won over by the sheer shock  and excitement of the move, but not long after, reality set in and both newly-acquired stars were clearly not up to the job they are gunning for (being VP/being TO).  And all of this tomfoolery because an old man whose best days are behind him says he will do anything to win, but he just can't keep a level head (Jerry Jones/John McCain).  And come January, neither will be anywhere in sight...

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