Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's about to get worse for the Cowboys

...That's hard to believe after getting smashed by the revived St. Louis Rams in Texas Stadium, but this coming Sunday should be even more depressing for the Cowboys.  They will face the Bucs, one of the toughest teams in the league, and a coach who knows Brad Johnson's style as well as anyone does.  Brad Johnson is so  terrible by now that this really is just unfair, Jon Gruden is going to destroy him.  I'm predicting 2 picks thrown by Johnson at the very least and probably  (definitely) more, something around 4-5 sacks and throw in a few fumbles too.  We all know that crazy look that Jon Gruden gets in his eye and somehow I feel like he's got it in for the QB that won him a Superbowl.  This game would be a statement, saying "Brad Johnson filled in at the position to allow us win the big game, but it was my Defense that won everything", which we all already know, but what better way to prove it than smashing BJ into the ground A LOT this Sunday.  I happen to be the biggest opponent of playing OLD Quarterbacks (old is anything over 36) in the world.  Obviously prolific passers such as Favre and Kurt Warner are an exception, but think about this: Jon Gruden benched Brad Johnson's sorry ass in 2004, when he knew he couldn't cut it anymore.  That was four years ago, imagine how unafraid Gruden is right now of Johnson's arm.

So one of two things will happen, or likely both: Brad Johnson has a horrible, ghastly 0.0 QB rating sorta-game OR he will be injured by the menacing Buccaneers.  Like I said, I can see both these happening...actually, possibility 1 is a sure thing, so the only question is will he be injured?  My question is what can the Cowboys possibly do when they realize they can't win a game with him?  I have no idea, and if I was a Dallas fan, I think I'd even be beyond the point of denial by now.  With the Giants and Redskins leading the NFC East and the Eagles giving everyone trouble as well, their season could be over. 

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