Friday, October 17, 2008

2 Minutes: Who would you rather have on your team at the height of his career: T.O., Randy Moss, or Ocho Cinco?

Someone asked me this recently and it was surprisingly easy to  answer (for myself anyway).  Of the three, Moss is the only one without a huge ego.  He's arrogant, sure, but he's a shy guy pretty much and he's happy if he's winning; the other two are happy if they're winning AND it's all about them.  T.O is obviously out of the question, way too much baggage.  And Ocho Cinco is fun-loving but still makes it all about him, obnoxious.  So between him and Moss, talent-wise Moss obviously trumps him.  Moss has better hands than T.O. for sure too.  There's the issue of Moss not giving 100% always, but that's a danger with all three of them. 

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