Monday, October 20, 2008

What makes a Great quarterback?

Something that annoys me in the NFL is how everyone gets excited when a QB does something like throwing 4 TDs in a game or 400 yards and they're ready to anoint him a "great QB".  Brett Favre is great and all, but I sure didn't think he was going to have great success the rest of this season in NY just because he threw 6 TDs against the Cardinals.  In my view, the following QBs are good, no doubt, but overrated because they put up gaudy numbers but you can never be sure what you'll get in crunch time:

Tony Romo - I'm not exactly breaking this story, the guy has something like 10 straight games with an interception, and have we ever seen an elite QB who is so bad with handling snaps??  Maybe that's on the center in Dallas, I dunno, but what good is Romo 30 td season if he can't get it done when it counts...Having said that, the Cowboys just found out exactly why they have catapulted to elite standing in the past 2-3 seasons, it's all about Romo.  A sick surrounding cast yes, but they really did strike gold with him.  Brad Johnson was really terrible.

Jay Cutler - Maybe he'll prove me wrong on MNF tonight, but as they say being a big guy can be a curse cause you stay in the pocket too long thinking you can withstand any hit, Cutler's big arm is a curse because he thinks he can make virtually ANY throw.  If he makes 85% of those throws that no other QB in the game could make, that's impressive from a physical standpoint, but that other 15% is going to equate to interceptions.  So he can toss for 4 TDs in a game but make a bonehead play in the 4th quarter because he thinks he's superman, much like Tony Romo (Admittedly, a fair amount of the time these guys DO pull off the spectacular late-game play, which is why they get so much praise.  But all of that seems really unimportant when they make a stupid throw in crunch time).

Drew Brees - OK, this is a bit of a stretch, because he's considered the best QB in the game right now by many accounts.  BUT, like I said, gaudy stats really don't mean shit.  I lived in N.O. so I saw a lot of Brees and he can light it up a lot but he's no Tom Brady in the clutch.  I'm not saying he chokes or anything, but it seems like no one else is pointing out that that is the one aspect of his game that is weak.  Although, it can be hard to come through in the clutch again and again, and again, and again once more when you're defense can't stop anyone.

OK, on the flip side, here are good QBs that won't always put up huge stats, but if I had the ball in the final 4 minutes of a game down by 1 score, these are the QBs I would want right now:

Trent Edwards - He's doing an amazing job of "managing the game" this season.  I am only now starting to become a believer in the Bills, probably the 2nd best team in the AFC behind the Titans.  He doesn't make stupid throws very often

Jason Campbell - I am obviously very biased here (I'm wearing his jersey right now), but you can't argue with leading your team to a 5-2 record with ZERO interceptions and ZERO fumbles lost.  OK, so he's been leaning heavily on the defense and Portis, this year's MVP thus far, HOWEVER, the reason I include him on this list of the best is cause if Portis was getting utterly shut down and the defense wasn't getting it done (not bloody likely) then with some real confidence the team could say to Campbell "ok, YOU need to win this for us".  I wouldn't necessarily say the same of Kerry Collins, although he's had pretty much the exact same formula for success this season, and with far less talented receivers.

SIDE NOTE: I'm sick of hearing about the resurgence of Jeff Garcia.  He's got guts and all that, but a big gaffe is just waiting to happen.  

And I might as well throw Eli Manning in with the GOOD list.  Don't need to say much, we all know about that crazy bastard.

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