Friday, October 17, 2008

Give Darren Sproles the Ball!!!

You know those fews players in the league that only get to touch the ball a few times a game, but every time they do they make a HUGE play?  And then you ask yourself, "why doesn't the coach give him the ball more??".  I wish I knew...I have one guy in mind right now, he happens to be on my fantasy team, but forget that: Darren Sproles.  Is this guy nasty or what?  Now LT is great and all, but Sproles has really shown explosive play-making ability this year not only in special teams but in the running and passing game as well.  And yet he gets 6 or 7 carries a game MAX, and that's on a generous day.  Maybe this is to keep the status quo: if LT was suddenly splitting carries with "some guy", the Chargers' identity would be in question.  I don't like that.  I like a coach like Jeff Fischer who will bench or play whoever helps get the team a W.  LT can certainly do that, but if Sproles got something like 12-15 touches a game, I think the Chargers would be a much more dangerous team. 

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