Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pro Bowl Redskins

For the first time ever, EVER, there will be a lot of Redskins making the Pro Bowl.  It's about bloody time.  Obviously the best part of Zorn getting the most out of our highly-talented roster is the winning record, but it will be nice to see a lot of our ProBowl caliber players get recognition.  Here are my predictions:

DEFINITELY making the Pro Bowl

-Carlos Rogers
-Clinton Portis (even tho he 100 yard games streak might end vs the Steelers)
-Chris Cooley

Most Certainly making the Pro Bowl

-Chris Samuels (He makes it every year and probably deserves more than ever before right now, just the last game he missed troubles me)
-Santana Moss (There's a lotta good receivers around, but I'd be shocked if he didn't make it)

Maybe making it

-Jason Campbell (it's possible)
-London Fletcher (I think he might get the 'well he really deserves it' nod, but he's having a pro bowl year nonetheless)
-Mike Sellers (Same deal as Fletcher I guess, especially when you're blocking for the leading rusher in the league right now)
-Chris Horton (this spot is always reserved for that idiot Roy Williams of the Cowboys, but he's out and I don't recall this being a terribly deep position, so HEY, if he adds another pick or fumble recovery before voting ends then why not??)

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