Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Will Soccer Ever Catch On In The U.S.

We're soccer fans here at Drink Your Tough Juice. Its a badass sport and its how some of us first met. Back in the day when we were 8 years old, wearing jerseys that were five sizes too big, falling down when we kicked the ball and accidentally bighting future roommates. Now we know some boys going pro and what we really want to know is will our superior entourage skills be translated into millions of dollars and lots of hot castoff. Will soccer ever catch on in the US (in two minutes)?

by DoNoUhOh

It is hard to believe that soccer won’t catch on in the US but then again its hard to believe that soccer hasn’t caught on yet. There are many theories as to why related to the lower scoring games, a misunderstanding of the subtleties of the game and a general distaste for a truly international game. However, the US would seem to be the perfect place for soccer simply because it is a global nation. No country better represents the entire world than the United States.

by Meast

(dictated) Soccer. The most popular sport in the world...except in America. Will it ever catch on? My guess is no. My reason? Feet. We Americans only like sports that use hands. The feet are for walking and running. That's why we have to create the word soccer. We already had football. Where we use our hands.

2 minutes on if soccer will ever catch on in the US
by HighTimeForCrime
Soccer is a team sport. The US is an individualist country. That’s at the social level.
Look at the biggest superstars, playing in “team” sports. Lebron James. Michael Vick, may hungry dogs eat his soul.
There’s not enough “action”, enough face value entertainment for soccer to be popular in America.

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Becky said...

Will MEN'S soccer ever catch on in the U.S. is the real question. I don't think women have many opportunities to compete professioanlly. It's sad I don't know which sports are considered "professional" because most women sports fail to get air time. Could there be 200 lb women playing football in the grassy fields of Iowa? I don't know because I'm left to watch NASCAR and the NIT tournament. Soccer, for women, does not compete with the other major sports like football and baseball. It's already caught on in the U.S. There are over 300 Division 1 schools with women soccer teams. But, unfortunately, men continue to rule the sports world. Why? You got me. Maybe it's the centuries of oppression we have yet to completely deal with. So until men accept soccer in the U.S., we women must wait for our sport to come into the limelight. And when it does, the world will be a better place. Soccer is called the beautiful game for a reason...happy women = happy world. Beautiful.