Monday, April 7, 2008

2007-08 NBA MVP Race

This has been a good season in the NBA. Ignoring the Leastern Conference, where our beloved Washington Bullets fight the good fight, the Wild West has been the best its ever been. I feel like I could go Stephen A. Smith over this except that I hate Stephen A. Smith and would never ever emulate him in any way if it could at all be helped. Stephen A. Smith is not our 2007-2008 NBA MVP. 2 minutes on who is:

2 minutes on 2007-2008 NBA MVP race
by HighTimeForCrime

My top 3, in order: Garnett, Paul, Kobe.
Garnett changed the entire culture of the Celtics. He restored glory to the NBA’s most revered franchise. He’s tough, he’s intense, he’s a team player, he just wants to win. Plus he’s scary as shit, no one’s gonna fuck with him or do him wrong. He’s this millennium’s Bill Russell, a coach on the court.
Paul gets my second place vote because this team would be nothing without him, as was proven when he went down last year. Yes, they’ve got great weapons (West, Chandler, Peja), but he’s the guy that makes it all happen.

2 minutes on 2007-08 NBA MVP Race
By DoNoUhOh

Everyone has narrowed down the race to Kobe Bryant versus Queen James with a little bit of Chris Paul on the side. Kobe is considered the best all around player on a top level team. Queen James has the most talent and is carrying a mediocre team, similar to Kobe the last few years when he hasn’t won. Then there’s Chris Paul. His team needs him the most. His team has a great shot at winning the West. Plus I hate the selfish Kobe who is finally happy now that his team made one of the most lopsided trades in NBA history. Turns out Kobe was wrong the whole time and the Lakers were getting him help after all. Bitch. I’d say Chris Paul gets my vote but Stephen Jackson is my true MVP hero, crazy motherfucker that he is.


RickyRicardo said...

It's not even close, Chris Paul is the MVP. You wanna talk about changing the culture of a basketball team? Paul has turned the Hornets into the best team in the West, and this year that is saying something. The Celtics have proven they can be elite when KG isn't playing, but where would the Hornets be without CP? And most importantly, Paul makes every player around him that much better. The MVP trophy should be approached as such: Stick X player on any team in the league and they will vastly improve. That is Chris Paul in a nutshell.

thenoblesavage said...

It's either Chris or Kobe. That's it. Only those two. Garnett should not be considered. Yes, the Celtics are the best team in the NBA record-wise, but they play in the LEastern Conference. If you think that Garnett is the MVP then really you should be casting your vote for Thom Thibedeau who is the real reason the Celtics have transformed into a fearsome foe this year. He's completely revamped their D and made them a much more complete team. Basically HighTime has no idea what he's talking about. Yes I'm calling you out.

DoNoUhOh said...

Let it be noted that today April 15, 2008 Skip Bayless chose KG as his MVP choice. Congratulations HighTimeForCrime you officially agree with Skip Bayless. Congratulations HighTimeForCrime. I tip my hat to you. You are not only wrong but you agree with Skip Bayless. That's like getting punched in the face and then kicked in the nuts by the fat girl who just rejected you. There's so much insult that you don't even feel the extreme pain.

hightimeforcrime said...

Do I think he's going to win? No. Should he though? I stand by my decision; I don't think you can make a case against him. None of this would have happend to the C's if Garnett didn't come in. No Ray Allen. No cheap vets (Posey in preseason, Cassell right before the tradeline). Pierce doesn't have an ounce of motivation left in him without a legitimate shot at the title. but we're not even talking title. we're not even talking playoffs without KG. And more importantly, thenoblesavage, Thibodeau never comes in to coach the D of a horrendous 25-win team.

thenoblesavage said...

Ummmm...w/no Garnett then there's no Ray Allen?? How does that work? Especially since RayRay came in to Boston on June 28th and KG came in on July 31st. Interesting, HighTime seems to be changing the rules of the Space and Time. So, let's say they don't make the KG trade. They've still got Al Jefferson. RayRay, Pierce, and Jefferson can't take the C's to the playoffs in the LEast?? They definitely do. Take Kobe or Paul off their teams in the West and we're definitely wondering if either of those teams are a guaranteed playoff contender.

DoNoUhOh said...

I don't even need two minutes for this one. Bill Simmons officially rescinded his Garnett MVP pick during his podcast with Jemele Hill. He has switched over to Chris Paul.