Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Girls In Maternity Shirts

We've all seen them somewhere. We see a comely girl, perhaps a little round in the cheeks, standing in line for some form of drunk munchies/pregnant woman food. We see she's wearing a nice flowing maternity shirt. We're feeling gregarious and we like babies and stuff so we saunter on over until at the last second we see the truth. She is just some unpregnant girl. In her going out clothes. We figure rubbing her stomach may not be appropriate so we turn on our heels and walk away. Its the Unpregnant Girl In A Maternity Shirt or the UGIAMS.

2 minutes on girls in maternity shirts
By DoNoUhOh

Ladies, you really screwed up on this one. If you aren’t pregnant don’t be wearing maternity shirts. I don’t care that they are trendy. They look terrible. Girls say they hide any possible blemishes or whatever. Yeah they do. They make all of you look fat rather than just those little places that no guy can even see or comprehend. To guys those types of shirts signal “I am pregnant”. We use those types of signals to function. We need those types of signals to be trustworthy. Without them we are lost. And you ladies have made us that much more lost through your misguided wardrobe choice.

2 minutes on (non-pregnant) girls in their maternity shirts
by HighTimeForCrime
Alright I don’t get it. Is it a fashion statement? That can’t be right. Look it’s not that there’s anything wrong with you actually being pregnant, it’s that if someone makes a slip up and thinks you are you go all ballistic.
Those shirts suck as a fashion statement, they have function, but they weren’t meant to necessarily look good.


Daniel said...

One time I was walking around Chicago with my non-pregnant girlfriend (who was wearing a maternity shirt) when a beggar came up to us and introduced himself. He was trying to be nice so that we'd give him a few bucks. He noted my girlfriend's maternity shirt, pointed to it, and said "congratulations!"

"Thanks but I'm not really pregnant" is never a comfortable thing to say.

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