Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2008 NFL Draft

That whole scene where super jacked young men perform physical feats and get measured by less jacked old men called the the NFL Combine has already passed. That means its Draft season. Where all predictions are made and all predictions manage to be completely wrong:

2 minutes on the 2008 NFL Draft
By DoNoUhOh

I’m pretty excited at the prospect of the number 1 pick being someone I’ve met, Chris Long. That’s pretty crazy right? A nice little factoid to toss out at your local cocktail party or wherever it is that people toss out little factoids like I’ve met the number draft pick in the NFL. Unfortunately Other Long will probably go in front of him. So my man Chris will be left as merely a top 3 or top 5 pick. Still a multimillionaire but no longer part of my little factoid repertoire.

2 minutes on the top of the 2008 NFL draft
By HighTimeForCrime
I don’t think you’re gonna see anyone trade out of the first few spots.
Miami takes OT Jake Long at the top. You pair him with Samson Satele at C and free agent signing G Justin Smiley and ROT Vernon Carey , you’ve actually got a pretty decent line, and it’s being taught by Sparano, Dallas’s O-line coach from last year.

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