Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Brendan Haywood

Here at Drink Your Tough Juice we refer to him as emmy-award winning Brendan Todd Haywood or just Brendan Todd. This is because he is on our team, he is our hometown guy, only we know that his middle name is Todd. How can you not use a middle name like Todd? We won't find the answer here in two minutes but that won't stop us from talking about our boy Brendan Todd Haywood, Master Center of the Washington Bullets:

2 minutes on Brendan Todd Haywood
by HighTimeForCrime
Brendan Todd is the 2nd best center in the Eastern conference, right behind Dwight Howard. His numbers may look modest, averaging around 11 points and 7 rebounds per game. But there are distinct changes in Brendan this year.
He’s finally toughened up on defense. He defends the rim, he positions himself better to get rebounds, he is quick to the perimeter on defense, something quite underrated for a 7-footer to do, he’s increased his free throw percentage dramatically, and he finally brings the kind of aggression to the table that is necessary to intimidate on the inside.

2 minutes on Brendan Todd Haywood
By DoNoUhOh

In the immortal words of Joe Rogan “He’s not a pussy”. At least not anymore. Ever since he ripped out Etan Thomas’ dreadlocks Brendan Todd has become a man. I guess that’s what beating up a teammate can do for you. Especially if that teammate is a poet with a heart problem. Now Brendan Todd is one of the locker room glue guys, a straight man in a locker room full of goofballs. Most importantly though he’s the second best center in the Least and when he exerts himself he is a potential power.


afbaker said...

Dont get too ahead of yourselves guys. At times (more often than not) this season he's been awesome, which still amazes me. I get excited every time I see one of his patented offensive foul hook 'em with your elbow post moves, but Brenda Haywood has reared its ugly head too many times this season. If he has a good postseason I'll hop on the bandwagon, but if I'm scared we're gonna keep seeing Brenda against any decent competition.

thenoblesavage said...

The BakeShow is right not to get toooo excited about Brenda. Quite frankly I think his success this season is an ominous sign. Why? you ask. Well, because Etan (don't even get me started) went down, Brenda felt little or no actual pressure from the bench this year, which means he felt comfortable--with NO pressure. I don't want to be a geeked up about a player who is most comfortable when there's no one waiting in the wings. When there's someone behind you, pushing you to get better, you should GET BETTER! You shouldn't get better when there isn't any pressure, which also explains why Brenda is so good against bad/mediocre teams and so bad against good teams. When the pressure gets reapplied next year the real Brenda Haywood will come out. And Haywood will again prove that he is as soft as whale shit.