Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kelvin Samspon

Today we take a look at someone some of you may know. His name is Kelvin Sampson, not to be confused with Sampson from Half Baked. He has had an illustrious coaching career since 1979 going from the NAIA to D1 schools Washington State, Oklahoma and Indiana. He has even served as President of the NABC, forming the Ethics Committee during his tenure. A pretty stand up guy. Except for his penchant for violating NCAA rules, operating with no ethics whatsoever in the recruitment of Eric Gordon and being run out of town on two occasions for general sketchiness. So two minutes on that:

2 minutes on Kelvin Sampson
by HighTimeForCrime
Was anyone really surprised that Sampson got fired from Indiana for violating NCAA regulations regarding contact with recruits? In fact…isn’t that the same exact reason Oklahoma let him go.
I think he’s an excellent coach, but you can’t have someone with that kind of shitty character leading a bunch of, not men, but teenagers. College basketball players might look like they’re full grown, but emotionally and mentally, the coaches need to be there to guide them through life as well as the playbook.
How can you expect a man with such a disregard for regulations to be able to guide a group of young men.

Kelvin Sampson

by DoNoUhOh

He is a good example of a total piece of shit. Many college coaches are. Rich Rodriguez is another example. I think he is disgusting. I always hate it when college coaches walk out on their teams. I mean these are people who promised 18 year old kids the world. Yeah its business and the kids know that but do they really know that? When you’re 18 do you really understand that your coach doesn’t actually care about you? And then Rich Rodriguez gets mad when WVU tries to hold him to his contract which stipulated a 4 million dollar buyout? What did he think was gonna happen? He disgusts me. So does Bobby Petrino. So does Kelvin Sampson who I used to like. Its just the corrupt nature of NCAA.

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