Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reggie Wayne

Reginald DeVincey Wayne. Perhaps his parents foreshadowed his artistry on the field. Perhaps The da Vinci Code had nothing to do with the Holy Grail, rather it was intended as a Metaphor of young Reginald’s life. Isn’t that possible? No.

2 minutes on Reggie Wayne
by HighTimeForCrime
Reggie Wayne is just about hitting his prime as Peyton Manning is hitting his prime. Do you realize what this means?
Remember how impressive Manning and Harrison were when Harrison got the catches in a season record . Well now Manning is better, has just as much time with Wayne as he did with Marvin, and Wayne is arguably as good, if not better, a receiver than Harrison, plus he’ll still have Anthony Gonzalez who is coming into his own to draw attention off him.

2 minutes on Reggie Wayne
By DoNoUhOh
Don’t really know that much about Reggie Wayne. That’s because football players as individuals are a lot less accessible than players in most other sports. The NFL makes a conscious effort to keep most of their players anonymous. Meanwhile, the NBA is a league of individuals. Both the NBA and NFL draw their players largely from the same demographic, lower income African Americans. Could it be that part of the reason the NFL is perceived to be so much healthier than the NBA is because it was better at keeping their young black newly minted athletes away from the larger public?

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RickyRicardo said...

Wayne is the ideal NFL Superstar: One who has the ability to be the best receiver on his team, and for a lot of NFL teams the best player on the team period, and yet he'd rather play 2nd fiddle to create something that is bigger than himself all for the greater good; to go and get that Superbowl ring. Props to this man.