Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eddie Jordan

Edward Montgomery Jordan was born 53 years ago and has been getting mistaken for Terrence Howard for at least half of those years. We here at Drink Your Tough Juice do not make that mistake. We respect Terrence Howard's acting ability but he's no Eddie Jordan, and that's a fact. To give Eddie his proper non Terrence Howard due we have devoted two minutes to the fearless coach of the Wizards of Washington (that actually has a nicer ring to it than Washington Wizards I think, maybe we should make a bizarro name change like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim):

2 minutes on Eddie Jordan
by HighTimeForCrime
Now I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love Eddie Jordan. It’s a DC native coaching the District’s most successful sports franchise (not counting DC United). That’s how it should be. It’s not about the money, and It’s not about the glory of coaching in the game.
The man is at home, the crowd loves him. Aside from that, he’s the longest tenured coach in the Eastern conference. Do you remember a couple years ago when every coach in the Eastern Conference got fired? Not Eddie.

by DoNoUhOH

Eddie Jordan has been something of a savior to the franchise formerly known as the Washington Bullets. He brought us back to the playoffs for the first time in years and we actually won a playoff series for the first time in my living memory. And now we are a consistent playoff threat, although stuck in the second tier in the Leastern Conference. That being said I’ve had my doubts about him. I guess I was getting greedy. I thought our defense was too awful, because apparently he doesn’t know what defense is, and that we weren’t quite as good as we should’ve been. To me that’s a sign of a coaching problem. But this year is different. This year we have overachieved in light of all our injuries. This year I would put him in the talk for coach of the year despite our mediocre record just for making the players believe they could win even in the face mounting injuries.

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RickyRicardo said...

The city's most successful sports franchise..."not counting DC United??" What kind of shit is that?? DC United is the Yankees of MLS. I'll admit its not the greatest league but hell, let's not get carried away about how great the Wizards are. Face up to the truth, United is truly the only DC team that is consistently holding it down.