Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aaron Rodgers

We apologize for our recent absence. It is because HighTimeForCrime had an A Capella concert. But have no fear. We are back. Here to discuss the man behind the man, the myth, the legend, we present our two minutes on Aaron Rodgers:

2 minutes on Aaron Rodgers
By DoNoUhOh

Alas he will remain irrelevant. Brett Favre, horribly overrated and selfish, will hold true to character and refuse to leave the spotlight. Yes, that’s right, Brett Favre will return as the Packers QB. Or more precisely he will hover around the team as the season begins. Aaron Rodgers will do his best to lead the team with Favre leaning over his shoulder. The Green Bay drones will hate Rodgers as Favre laughs maniacally. Eventually there will be massive clamoring for change even as Rodgers does a decent job and Favre will ride in to save the day, seizing the starting job and leading the team to finish at 6-10 with more game killing interceptions than game winning TD’s.

2 minutes on Aaron Rodgers
By Meast

Rodgers will be nothing to nobody. Its like he won't even be a footnote in Packers history. He will b out of the starting QB job in less than three years. A lot like many Chicago and Washington QBs. Rodgers won't do anyhting next season and the Packers will have a losing season.

2 minutes on Aaron Rodgers
By HighTimeForCrime
Aaron Rodgers was drafted into a kind of shitty circumstance in this league. Brett Favre was a huge dick to him, saying that it wasn’t his responsibility or obligation to mentor Rodgers. Fans will not be very forgiving if Rodgers falters, because they are used to having their golden boy behind center.
I think that has probably taken a toll on him, because the qb’s confidence is way more important than his physical capabilities or understanding of the playbook.

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Lobster Sauce said...

Being a big Packer fan, I have to say A Rod will most likely get hurt in the first game, if not spring training. Which means that Brett will be back by week 4 at the latest. Then things will be back to normal, at least thats what I'm telling myself.