Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gheorghe Muresan

Notable for his extreme height, Gheorghe Muresan was much more than just a tall man. To those close to him he was known for being far more complex than the gregarious giant he was for the public. He would occasionally enter dark moods and frequently kept to himself, preferring being alone to facing the bright glare of the public eye. Here at Drink Your Tough Juice we will not be able to shed any light whatsoever on the complex sides of Gheorghe Muresan, 7'7" former center for the Washington Bullets.

2 minutes on Gheorge Muresan
By HighTimeForCrime
One of the sweetest moments in my life: 4 years ago I was at Joe’s Pizza and Pasta and I was looking outside to someone ducking under the awning. I was like whoa that’s weird, cuz that’s like 7 feet high. Then I realize it’s Gheorge Muresan. When he walked in I asked for his autograph. He gave it to me but I could tell he didn’t really want attention. Whelp, that’s what happens when you’re the tallest player in NBA history.

2 minutes on Gheorghe Muresan
By DoNoUhOh

He is one of those guys I always felt vaguely sorry for. He just always seemed like more of a spectacle than a basketball player. But I don’t give him enough credit. He was legit good for a little while. It was his feet that betrayed him not a lack of talent. Many a huge man has met the same fate. And as for being a spectacle. Maybe he was that too. He got paid though and paid handsomely. Haven’t heard from him in awhile. I hope he’s doing okay. I hope he’s living back home like a king, living off the fruits of his youthful labors.


Peter said...

hey there,

your second picture links, actually shows Manute Bol, also 7-7....

back in the days i was a huge gheorghe fan, remember the year when he won the most improved player award?

greetz from berlin


hightimeforcrime said...

we know, just wanted to also show the only other 7'7 man in nba history, also a washington bullet.

definitely remember his MIP season, I had high hopes for him after that because he was only 25 when he won it, but damn can you not perform at a high level in the NBA at 7'7 for too long (7'6 either, suck it shawn bradley).

thanks for commenting peter, we hope you come back and spread the word to your peoples out in Deutschland. peace

afbaker said...

One time I was sitting courtside at a preseason game and gheorghe shook my hand and I swear to god his hand was longer than my forearm.

Also, you guys got it all wrong. His illustrious carreer came to an end because he got too big for the NBA. The bright lights of Hollywood caught his eye and there was no turning back. I never saw "My Giant," but I know everyone remember the two greatest commercials of all time...


But on a more basketball related note, I think the only thing I remember about him was whenever anyone would try to pressure Rod Strickland or Chris Whitney in the backcourt they would just walk behind Gheorghe and the defender couldn't get around him. For sure an illegal pick but it worked wonders because we all know Chris Whitney had no right being on the court in a real NBA game.


thenoblesavage said...

When I was in the either the 1st or 2nd Grade my P.E. teacher, Mrs. Bergman (nee Birch) put up a poster of Gheorghie on the wall of our gym. You know, one of those ones with height along the side, so you could see how far you came up to on his body. She and our other P.E. teacher stood there for a minute, staring at the poster, as if the admiring their hard work, when, all of a sudden, they both burst out laughing. Mrs. Bergman said, "Wow, he his awful and he's got a face only a mother could love." I felt bad for Gheorghe. I never forgave Mrs. Bergman for that comment. It was then, at the age of five or six that I realized that even big people can be made to feel small. So, thanks Mrs. Bergman for stealing a small fraction of my innocence on that cold, gray morning. Had I known what cankles and bad 80s style haircuts were at the time I would have told Mrs. Bergman that she was horrifically unathletic--as indicated by the cankles--and that her crappy haircut made her look like a cross between an 80s coke whore and Big Bird.