Thursday, April 3, 2008

Candace Parker

Candace Parker, women's bball player extraordinaire, the first Candace Parker who will inspires all the nexts and most importantly the only woman's basketball related person who we would ever devote two minutes to:

by DoNoUhOh

Did you see what Candace Parker did today? She dislocated her shoulder. It looked a lot like Dwyane Wade’s dislocation last year. That sucks. In the Elite Eight. That’s heartbreaking. And then she came back into the game. What? For real? What the fuck? That’s just insanity. That’s toughness on another level. Consider my mind boggled. And then she got bumped and it hurt and she had to leave the game again. Oh there ya go. It’s a bad shoulder. She shouldn’t have been out there. Until she came back again to play in the second half with a brace. She made free throws. Crazy.

2 minutes on Candace Parker
by HighTimeForCrime
Candace Parker is hot. I mean she’s like sexy hot. Long and lean, right. She gets down
She’s also pretty sick on the basketball pitch. She’s got like actual basketball moves. Women’s bball is like so damn boxy and rigid. She plays it like it’s mean to be played. So damn sexy though.

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