Thursday, April 10, 2008


What came first PEZ or the PEZ dispenser? It is as timeless a debate as the chicken and the egg (the egg came first you fools!). Here we have today, in the spirit of being fair and balanced, a debate on this issue. A shockingly schizophrenic two minute take on PEZ:

2 minutes on PEZ
by HighTimeForCrime
What a great fucking candy PEZ is. I dunno, I wasn’t ever really the guy who collected all those PEZ dispensers, I frankly thought the candy was a whole lot more delicious-er. Honestly, why do I need to have a Yosemetie Sam Pez dispenser as well as a Sylvester one? They both do the same damn thing, dispense the sweet deliciousness.

2 minutes on Pez
by DoNoUhOh

Pez. Really not that great. It’s the truth. You all know it. Pez dispensers. Incredibly great. How can you not love them? They can be anything. Any random thing you pick up in a knick knack store. Don’t know what it is? It’s a Pez dispenser. For all those Pez you eat. Plus the Pez dispenser played an important role in a very funny episode of Seinfeld. Such a ridiculously useful prop cannot go unrecognized. Still. Pez are not that great. So the purpose of the Pez dispenser is a bit of a mystery which is certainly not entertaining or funny.

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