Monday, April 7, 2008

Tiger Woods

I think everyone agrees that Tiger Woods is the best golfer ever even if he's a few years away from breaking every single record. His only opponent is history and that opponent can only be beaten through time and patience and the good fortune of avoiding injury. The other thing everyone agrees on is that his wife is smokin' hot. Always nice to have that going for you. Here's our two minutes on el Tigre:

2 minutes on Tiger Woods
by HighTimeForCrime
The man is the best that ever played his sport. I’m not much inclined to call golf a sport, but this man is an athlete if I ever saw one. The best. This doesn’t happen but a couple of times in a generation, if that. We’ve seen Jordan, now we’re seein’ Tiger. THE MAN’S GOT HIS OWN SPORTS DRINK.
He made an old-fogey-playing-plaid-pant-funny-hat-wearing sport popular. Amazing.

2 minutes on Tiger Woods

By DoNoUhOh

There’s not a lot to say about Tiger Woods. He’s the best. Ever. He’s a cold blooded killer, a front runner, an assassin. He’s so good that its news when he loses. He is the next Michael Jordan. I am in awe of him. I feel privileged to be growing up while he plays. I never got the golden years of Jordan. Well I did but not during the years where I could truly appreciate his greatness. He was already the best ever when he entered my consciousness. He’s always been the best in my mind. Tiger Woods is special to me because I get to observe him as he becomes great, solidifies his greatness and proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is the Greatest Of All Time.

2 minutes on Tiger
by JuniorVicePresident
Its time for all this talk of Tiger being the "most dominant athlete ever" to stop. The man is good, but he's a golfer, not an athlete. I would like to think the most dominant athlete ever was generally picked first in playground football (or dodgeball, or capture the flag) and I'm not so sure Tiger was. That being said, he is truly something special. Golf just isn't spectator-oriented enough for his excellence to be properly appreciated. And he's married to a super model.


Anonymous said...

Wherever I look I just read people comparing Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan. This needs to stop. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player, period. And we will always have indelible memories of his heroics. But Michael played in a team sport. He had Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, John Paxson…and countless others to help him accomplish those six championships. Tiger is doing this all by himself. Every weekend he takes on 140 other players and has to beat every single one of them for 72 holes. On any give night, Michael and his Bulls had to be better than just one other team. This feat is unrivaled. Being able to do what Tiger does week in and week out is remarkable, and this is a scratch handicap saying that. Although from a group of bloggers who don’t consider golf a sport (now that’s a joke) or refer to it as “an old-fogey-playing-plaid-pant-funny-hat-wearing sport”…I wouldn’t really expect much understanding. And for blogger number three to say that Tiger is not an athlete is just a joke, even if you don’t consider golf a sport, you have to know the difference between an athlete and one who plays a sport…c'mon, those are just the basics.

That being said, he does have a hot wife…and I am very impressed with the writing on Tough Juice!

DoNoUhOh said...

I admit that I am not a golfer. But at no point did I ever say that golf is not a sport. Although I would venture to say that it is probably easier to succeed in golf even if you aren't the classic athlete than in many other sports.
Fuuuuuuuurthermore, when comparing Tiger to Jordan I was simply trying to express the type of awe they demand. I appreciate the ridiculous nature of Tiger's greatness. I don't think you can really compare one great to another across sports when they are both that great. Succeeding in a team sport requires a different skill set than in an individual sport. Note that Tiger is not an especially good teammate.
Take that you elitist golfer you.

And thank you for commenting.

And his wife is so hot which is awesome.