Thursday, April 10, 2008

How The Wizards Will Make The 2008 NBA Finals

Last night I had a dream that whatever I decreed today would happen. Unfortunately I stayed up really late and slept really late and was kinda busy so I never got to make my decree. Damn ye gods. As a plea to whatever sports god that is out there who decides this sort of thing I present the decree that should have and could have been were it not for my irresponsible sleeping habits (in two minutes):

2 minutes on How the Wizards will make the 2008 NBA Finals
by HighTimeForCrime
First off, we’re 2 games behind the Cavs for the 4th seed, and home court advantage in the first round. Like I’ve said, you gotta go get that. I say the Phone Booth turns into a madhouse if we get full court advantage over the Cavs, facing them for a 3rd straight year.
So we’ll take them, right. Lebron still gets 40 in a few games, they win a couple but we ultimately take the series.
Then it’s our boys the Celtics. And they know we got their number.
I say we face the Pistons or 76ers (don’t count them out, no one knows what the fuck they’re doin) in the Eastern Finals, but you can’t bet against the Wiz in the East.

2 minutes on How the Wizards Will Make the 2008 NBA Finals
By DoNoUhOh

The last time we were this healthy we were the best team in basketball. That was over a year ago. Now we’re healthy again with a new and improved bench, thank you injury curse, and a new and improved crazy amazing sixth man, thank you gilbert arenas for truly being about the winning. You know who is having back problems and has a crappy team anyway? Queen James, our first round opponent. You know who we match up with perfectly and beat three times this season? The Celtics, the best team in the East. So we face the Pistons maybe? I’m sorry but they are not what they once were way back in the day when they actually won something and didn’t just swagger like the


thenoblesavage said...

I hate you both you bastards for jinxing us. We were the best kept secret in the East and you've just guaranteed that we're gonna get our shit pushed in by a large man named Pig-Eye. Oh and don't try to turn this around and say that I'm hating, cuz I'm not. I'm just letting you know that if you guys did, indeed, jinx the Wiz then then you will be held accountable, a DAGGERRRR! in both your eyes.

DoNoUhOh said...

you're hating.