Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dustin Diamond

I don't even think there is anything to say for our next guest. His reputation never fails to precede him. His fame knows no bounds. But his fortune does. So let me present to you a man who you all know, a tv star who had a top rated show for four years, our most celebrated guest yet: DUUUUUUUUUUUSTIIIIIIIIN DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAMOOOOOOOOND... .... ..... uh...... SCREEEEEEEEEEECH...oooooooooh....uh...yeeeeeeaaah?....fuck this

(in two minutes)

by Meast
I heard that he is a loser now. But that's what happens when you're famous for being a loser on a TV show. That's why he never got that girl he liked in Saved by the Bell. The girl that's in How High. Anyway Dustin Diamond is at least better than Carrot Top. I hate Carrot Top.

2 minutes on Dustin Diamond
by DoNoUhOh

Dustin Diamond was the man as screech. He was everyone’s favorite lovable nerd. He was the white steve urkel but he never got to be Stefan. He was so good at what he did he had to keep going to bayside high and working at bayside high. He never got to leave high school. And that is why he is the biggest piece of shit in the entire world. He sucks. It is hard to imagine someone sucking more. Yes, other celebrities are more fucked up then he is but they don’t suck like he does. Then again imagine if you had never left high school? Wouldn’t you have turned out all screwed up and sucky? The answer is yes but not as sucky as good ol Dustin Diamond

2 minutes on Dustin Diamond
by HighTimeForCrime
I guess I’d be pretty screwed up if I was cast as the social retard all my life. But what a fuckin dick this guy is. I guess it’s the only way people will talk about him. Oh and making a porno doesn’t hurt either. He had that jungle fever with Lisa Turtle. She was oh so fine. But I don’t know what’s a stranger name, Lisa Turtle or Lark Voorhies (that how it’s spelled?).

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