Saturday, April 5, 2008

The 6th Grade

Everyone remembers. Forever. You can never escape and sometimes you don't even want to. It's MIDDLE SCHOOL. It is the first "this is not quite the real world" step we can remember clearly. Those were our formative years. Those were the years we all got fucked up. And 6th grade started it all. Now we must attempt to capture it all in just two minutes, just like we did during all those makeout games that we started playing:

by DoNoUhOh
Man I had nooooo idea what was goin on 6th grade. Those 8th graders were huuuuuuge. I met my best friend. I had my first real kiss, not the drive by kind of the elementary school years. It was the first time I felt old. The first time I realized I was nasty at soccer but was probably never gonna be the basketball star I had always wanted to be. There weren’t all those weird friend’s of convenience anymore. We had parties, we had a social life, we started being sketchy, telling lies and basically training for the day we got to college. It was all in 6th grade. Elementary school was a little world where everything made sense. Middle school was my first view of the bigger world and all the insanity that came with it. I’ve never recovered.

2 minutes on the 6th grade
by HighTimeForCrime

You wanna know the best thing about 6th grade? The fact that they had a salad bar and snack bar. Before that it was just your basic entrée, fries, and milk. For I think $1.10. So yea that was phat.
Also the 8th grade girls. Cuz they were way hot. And the fact that we had sports teams. Which I made a total of none. Except for kinda track 7th grade in which I used it to skip a class and go to the nurse’s office so I would have to turn in my paper.

by lookatmego
Alright. I can remember way back to when I was preparing to make that whole huge jump up into 6th grade. It was exciting and crazy and then i get there and the first thing that I think is that this place sucks. I hated all of middle school, but that goes without saying that SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. It was more or less a large step up into the thought that 'oh wow the real-er world.' When in fact all it was was a hierarchy of douche bags that most of which I can say I hated at the time. So what I hid from the public. Fuck middle school. I think that it should be changed to make it so that its easier on the kids with only like 2 schools: elementary and High school.


Anonymous said...

so, this is supposed to be written in two minutes, but i'm drinking a forty and watching kansas-unc so we'll have to assume that i'm putting two minutes of aggregate thought into this. anyway, sixth grade...

sixth grade was a mindfuck. elementary school has its subversive elements, but even the badass kids cry when they get in trouble. in sixth grade you're all little shits that have to prove your nuts to the older kids so you try to act like a badass even if you still piss your bed. 6th grade was when i started cussing, stealing, lying (more) and generally being a little dick. you also have to deal with girls, whether it's trying to figure out how to balance the playground pigtail-pulling instincts of elementary school with the growing desire to see some budding mosquito bites and get your rocks off without creaming yourself in the middle of class. i went to a pretty ghetto middle school and the only girl who really liked me in sixth grade had a sister in 8th grade who got pregnant and had to leave school, so that set me back awhile. fuck sixth grade.

thenoblesavage said...

The 6th Grade. Fuck me, that shit was crazy. My little brother is in the 6th Grade now. He hung out with us for a bit this weekend and proved to be the inspiration for this post. So, this is for you little man...

I know what you're up to and that scares the shit outta me. Cuz if you get into 1/2 the shit I did then it'll be far too much. 6th Grade was a revelation. It was as if the pennies had been lifted from my eyelids. The rock rolled back, born again into a whole new era. A time when college seemed like some distant Zion and a time where I discovered that people do make friends for life, tits do NOT feel like balloons filled with sand, and older women know a whole lot more than they let on. I blazed you a wide trail little man, but the forest is different now, so go ahead and make your own way. Just don't stray too far from the path, Zion is waiting.