Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin is the pride and joy of the Washington Capitals. It's really too bad that nobody cares about hockey anymore. Such is life:

by DoNoUhOh

I gotta admit that I’m not much of a hockey fan. I know what I know from sportscenter and headlines and that’s about it. I know more players from the NHL in 96 thanks to my favorite video game than I know players from today. But Alex Ovechkin is the man and I want to go see him play. He’s a once in a generation type whose greatness transcends the sport he plays. Sidney Crosby gets more hype but Ovechkin is the 60 goal man. Ovechkin is the human highlight reel of hockey. Just ask that sliding past the goal on your back, use the shaft of your stick, amazing goal from last season.

2 minutes on Alex Ovechkin
by HighTimeForCrime
Ovechkin lives right around the corner and a block down from Jason. He moved in I think our senior year of high school. Since he had just gotten drafted, we knew he prolly didn’t know anyone in town. That was phenomenal too, cuz that’s when we started boozing. We shoulda gotten fucked up with him.

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