Monday, April 7, 2008

David Garrard

Some of you may have heard of him. He threw for 18 TDs 3 Ints with a 102.2 QB rating in the big leagues this past season. He had zero fumbles. His name is David Garrard and his numbers describe him well. He doesn't make mistakes. He led a dangerous playoff team. He doesn't get a lot of fanfare. Now for our David Garrard-like two minutes:

2 minutes on David Garrard
By DoNoUhOh

Who knew he was gonna be so nasty? Well I think the Jaguars did. Good foresight by them. Actually, we’ve been hearing a lot of whispers about this guy for a few years now. About how he’s an incredible backup and how hopefully he gets a real shot as a starter. Well he got that shot and he had a great season. He was spectacularly solid. That is something that is highly underrated in the quarterback market. There is a lot of raving and obsessing over big arms and big men, fast legs and wonderlic. Being amazingly solid, not messing up and just getting the job done is amazing. Tom Brady is a man who is incredible at not sucking and that’s what makes him great so why not David Garrard.

2 minutes on David Garrard
by HighTimeForCrime

Dude is the man. Was it a good idea to release the overweight and injury prone Byron Leftwich before last season? Really?! Was that the question? 18 td’s compared to 3 picks on the season
Yes, he has one of the better backfield tandem in Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor, but Garrard is more than simply a “game manager”. Game managers (read: Trent Dilfer) try their best not to fuck up games. Garrard makes excellent decisions; knows when to pass it, when to throw it away, and when to run like hell for that first down marker.

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