Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones belongs in Dallas. Dallas is a safe haven for criminals, degenerates and stereotypical thuggish athletes. They developed Michael Irvin's drug addiction in Dallas. They imported Tank Johnson's guns. They drafted Quincy Carter's coke problem. They took a flier on TO's psychologically decimated brain. And now they are doing their best to trade for Pacman Jones and his problem with breaking every law he knows about.

2 minutes on Pacman Jones
By HighTimeForCrime
There’s not a chance Pacman can survive in Dallas. Each one of those little dots in the original Pacman game is a strip club in downtown Dallas.

2 minutes on Pacman Jones
By DoNoUhOh

All the man did was make it rain. Can you really fault him for that? I mean making it rain is probably the most badass thing you can possibly do. And then all hell broke loose and a guy got shot and it turned out that Pacman Jones is a crime spree. And then we learned that he can’t stay out of trouble even when he’s trying. Makes you wonder. Yeah maybe Pacman is unfairly singled out sometimes like when he got pulled over for not having a license. But still come on its ridiculous. How much bad shit are you doing and getting away with if you are getting caught that often.

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RickyRicardo said...

The Cowboys obviously think they are close enough to the Superbowl to risk taking in all these trouble-makers...

Let's just hope that they come close but continue their pathetic 10 year streak without a playoff victory and soon enough this Bengals-esque experiment will implode on itself. I mean, when you need guys like Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones to look to T.O. and Tony Romo for tips on how to be mature? Not good.