Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ernie Grunfeld

Around here we simply call him "Ernie". He's like a good neighbor. State Farm is there.

2 minutes on Ernie Grunfeld
by HighTimeForCrime
You’re crazy if you can’t appreciate the job that Grunfeld has done in D.C. He’s brought in 3 all-stars (which included pulling off the most unlikely trade of the decade ‘till the Pau Gasol deal…hmm also involving Kwame Brown), wisely knew when to not re-sign Larry Hughes even though everyone wanted him to, and has drafted and signed a bench that now has almost a season’s worth experience. Things are looking good right now going into the playoffs. They gotta push for home court advantage vs. the Cavs.

2 minutes on Ernie Grunfeld
by DoNoUhOh

It just occurred to me that I don’t know what Ernie Grunfeld looks like. I picture him as a Stan Van Gundy look a like. I don’t know if this is based on any reality but Ernie Grunfeld should look like Stan Van Gundy. The other interesting thing about Ernie is that he is dangerously close to being one of those guys I just trust even if I disagree with what they’re doing. Did I disagree with not keeping Larry Hughes? Yes. Did I disagree with letting Jared Jeffries go? Yes. Great moves. I trust him to be smarter than me and everyone else. Plus he got us our namesake, Tough Juice, in exchange for Kwame Brown.

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A striking resemblance... kinda creepy Lucas.

The Big Ern is the man, but I will never forgive him if he gets rid of Gilbert