Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deshawn Stevenson

Once upon a time the Washington Wizards had a player by the name of Jared Jefferies who played shooting guard. Once upon a time Wizards fans liked Jared Jefferies despite his offensive limitations because he had good intangibles, hustled and played defense. And then he was replaced by Deshawn Stevenson. A man who actually plays defense. A man who is a wee bit crazy, just right for our other crazy superhero Agent Zero. A man who randomly decided to become a good 3 point shooter in the middle of the season. He is the locksmith.

2 minutes on Deshawn Stevenson
By HighTimeForCrime
Deshawn is finally becoming who Deshawn was meant to be. It just took a little faith by a team, and he would render his marvelous skills night in and night out.

2 minutes on Deshawn Stevenson
By DoNoUhOh

Deshawn has finally become what he was supposed to be out of high school. It is as if he (editors note: that was just five two letter words in a row, I’m stunned) suddenly decided to be good. The best, and craziest, part is that his career year is coming in the first year of his new big contract. As in he’s actually rewarding the team by getting better even after they paid him. I love that. It doesn’t happen often enough. Deshawn also has that all important swagger that can get you through a playoff series. You hear that Lebron? You’re overrated.

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